Ashley Tisdale dating

Ashley Tisdale is happily married, but that didn’t stop her from dishing about dating life back in her Disney days. Let’s just say, things didn't always go well for the guys that she dated. Relationships. Ashley Tisdale has been in relationships with Martin Johnson (2011 - 2012), Scott Speer (2009 - 2012), Jared Murillo (2006 - 2009) and Gili Lang (1999 - 2000).. About. Ashley Tisdale is a 35 year old American Actress. Born Ashley Michelle Tisdale on 2nd July, 1985 in Monmouth County, New Jersey, she is famous for Phineas & Ferb, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and High School ... Ashley Tisdale has been in relationships with Martin Johnson (2011 – 2012), Scott Speer (2009 – 2012), Jared Murillo (2006 – 2009) and Gili Lang (1999 – 2000). We are currently in process of looking up more information on the previous dates and hookups. Ashley Tisdale is pregnant!!!!. The 35-year-old actress and producer revealed the exciting news on her Instagram on Thursday morning (September 17). Ashley and her husband Christopher French both ... American actress, singer, and producer, Ashley Tisdale is married to musician and record producer Christopher French.The 34-year-old Baywatch actress tied the knot with the California native musician in less than two years since their first meeting. Even though the lovebirds have been married for over five years, Tisdale’s fans barely know about her husband. On 2-7-1985 Ashley Tisdale (nickname: Ash, Ashie, Tiz, The Tizz) was born in West Deal, New Jersey, USA. She made her 6 million dollar fortune with High School Musical, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Scary Movie 5, Buzzy's. Who is Ashley Tisdale dating? Many famous men have dated High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes. Including Ashley Tisdale’s current boyfriend, past relationships, pictures together, and dating rumors, this comprehensive dating history tells you everything you need to know about Ashley Tisdale’s love life.

The Redemption Rate - Due 9/7

2020.08.24 04:49 TragicKingdom1 The Redemption Rate - Due 9/7

HELLO and WELCOME to the submission period of the first ever Redemption Rate!! After a week of voting, you have all selected the 30 most robbed songs in rate history (that have only been rated once.) This is all in celebration of the 5th birthday of the subreddit. If you want to view the initial voting thread, click HERE.
Without further ado, here are your selections! They are sorted chronologically by rate, so it's a nice walk down memory lane.

The Songs

  1. Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Type [from 1989 vs. Emotion vs. Dangerous Woman]
  2. Lady Gaga - Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) [from Teenage Dream vs. The Fame Monster vs. Animal + Cannibal]
  3. Nelly Furtado - Maneater [from Loose vs. Oral Fixation Vol. 2 vs. The Dutchess]
  4. Fergie - Fergalicious (feat. [from Loose vs. Oral Fixation Vol. 2 vs. The Dutchess]
  5. Lana Del Rey - Video Games [from Electra Heart vs. Born to Die: The Paradise Edition vs. Pure Heroine]
  6. Rihanna - Love On The Brain [from Anti vs. Lemonade vs. Joanne vs. Glory]
  7. Beyoncé - Freedom (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [from Anti vs. Lemonade vs. Joanne vs. Glory]
  8. Bridgit Mendler - Atlantis (feat. Kaiydo) [from The 2016 EP Rate]
  9. Disclosure - Latch (feat. Sam Smith) [from 99.9% vs. Settle vs. Skin]
  10. Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much [from Jagged Little Pill vs. Come On Over vs. Falling into You]
  11. Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me Now [from Jagged Little Pill vs. Come On Over vs. Falling into You]
  12. Ashley Tisdale - He Said She Said [from Disney/Nickelodeon Singles]
  13. Pink - Who Knew [from Breakaway vs. Let Go vs. I'm Not Dead]
  14. Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) [from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy vs. good kid, m.A.A.d city vs. Channel Orange]
  15. Grimes - Kill V. Maim [from Art Angels vs. LP1 vs. St. Vincent]
  16. Taylor Swift - Getaway Car [from Rainbow vs. Reputation vs. Witness]
  17. Lorde - Supercut [from Lust for Life vs. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom vs. Melodrama vs. Masseduction]
  18. Lil Uzi Vert - XO Tour Llif3 [from Flower Boy vs. DAMN. vs. Big Fish Theory vs. Luv is Rage 2]
  19. Rina Sawayama - Alterlife [from The 2017 EP Rate]
  20. Years & Years - King [from About U vs. Nothing's Real vs. Love You To Death vs. Communion]
  21. Britney Spears - Gimme More [from Blackout vs. X vs. Confessions on a Dance Floor]
  22. Dua Lipa - Be The One [from All Your Fault Pts. I & II vs. Camila vs. Dua Lipa vs. So Good]
  23. Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good [from Back to Black vs. 21 vs. It's Not Me, It's You]
  24. Kate Bush - Hounds of Love [from Homogenic vs. Hounds of Love vs. When the Pawn...]
  25. Paramore - Rose-Colored Boy [from Gone Now vs. After Laughter vs. All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell]
  26. Janelle Monáe - Americans [from Dirty Computer vs. Golden Hour vs. Be the Cowboy]
  27. The Cardigans - Lovefool [from One Hit Wonderland Rate]
  28. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time [from She's So Unusual vs. Madonna vs. Forever Your Girl vs. Whitney Houston]
  29. Nicki Minaj - Roman Holiday [from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded vs. Unapologetic vs. Warrior]
  30. Bleachers - Rollercoaster [from Strange Desire vs. Every Open Eye vs. I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it]
In case you're curious, the full voting data can be found in this graph and this pastebin.
HERE is the link to submit your scores. In case the link is broken, copy and paste the contents of this pastebin and PM it to me.

The Rules

  • We will be rating 30 songs in this rate and you must rate all of them for your scores to count.
  • Assign a score to each song between 1 and 10. Decimals are fine, so long as they are to one decimal place (i.e. 5.4 is fine, 5.42 is not). Also, please use periods (.) for the decimal places and not commas (,).
  • You may give ONE song an 11 and ONE song a 0. Reserve these scores for your favorite and least favorite songs in the rate.
  • The only place you should submit your scores is at the preprepared link found above and below.
  • Feel free to change your scores at any time up to the due date, just PM me about it.
  • I reserved the right to reject and ask you to resubmit any ballot if I feel you are unfairly sabotaging any of the songs! That being said please take advantage of the full range of points if possible; if you give all 10s then your scores will barely matter.
  • If you would like to add a comment to your scores, the correct way to format them is:
Nelly Furtado - Maneater: 10 all these songs by white women will EAT the songs by MEN!
This is THE ONLY WAY to properly form comments.
HERE is the link to the official Spotify playlist for this rate. Thank you to rickikardashian for making the cover art for it!
HERE is the link to the unofficial Apple Music playlist for the rate.
And again, HERE is the link to submit your scores. In case the link is broken, copy and paste the contents of this pastebin and PM it to me.
Because this is a shorter rate that interrupts the normal rate schedule, it is going to be due much sooner than a rate normally would after going up: this rate is due at noon EST on Monday, September 7th. Fortunately, you won't have to wait long for the results, because they will be revealed later that day!
Thank you all for reading and good luck to those seeking redemption! Also if y'all let Gaga win yet another grab bag I will be forced to cancel rates forever so keep that in mind xoxo
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2020.05.25 21:08 crx_hx An Open Letter to The Masked Singer Producers

Dear TMS Producers,
I’m a big fan of this series just as much as everyone else on this subreddit. The show provides an endless amount of laughs from the celebrity panel, great performances and an overall fun time. This show has been a godsend during these strange times. My hope is to see this show last for many seasons.
I’ve noticed several things during this series that come off as a red flag. I fear if these things don’t get addressed, many fans will lose interest in the show. The producers/creative team should consider the following five suggestions:
  1. More Sing-offs should be implemented for the elimination rounds: I have noticed that S3 had fewer sing-off performances than S2. One of the things that is enjoyable about the sing-offs is seeing the masked performers bring on their A-game to stay in the competition. This segment forces the competitors to be the best on-the-fly and it gives the audience member (in-studio and at home) the chance to feel the competitive spirit. I’m sure we’ve all had that one masked performer that we rooted for during this round.
2.. Adding an additional Millennial/Gen Z’er to the Celebrity Panel:
As much as I enjoy the current celebrity panelists, I feel that the Millennial/Gen Z demographic isn’t fully represented on this series. A lot of the panelists are over 40 and have made Boomer guesses/remarks throughout the series. For example, when Ninja and JoJo Siwa were revealed, the panelists didn’t seem to know who these YouTubers were.
If the show were to bring a younger panelist, you can see the generational differences play out comedically/organically. I think it would be great to have a youthful energy to the panel to keep things relevant and current to the pop culture trends.
There are plenty of young content creators/influencers that the producers could pull from.It seems a little coincidental that the show’s budget grows bigger with every passing season.
Below are a list of several ball-park examples:
Potential Panelists: Charli D’Amelio (Famous TikToker) Willow Smith (SingeActor) Hilary Duff (SingeActor) David Dobrik (Social Media Star) Vanessa Hudgens (ActoSinger) Hailey Steinfeld (ActoSinger) Brittany Snow (ActoSinger) Ariel Winter (Modern Family) Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) Lea Michele (Glee) James Charles (YouTuber) Shane Dawson (Youtuber) Ashley Tisdale (ActoSinger) Ethan Klein a.k.a H3H3 (YouTuber) Cody Ko & Noel Miller (YouTubers) King Bach (Social Media Star) Rudy Mancuso (Social Media Star)

Guest Panelists: Seth Rogen (ActoWriteComedian) Adam Devine (ActoComedian) Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) Lil’ DIcky/Dave Burd (Rapper) Raven Simone (ActoSingeHost) Pete Davidson (SNL) Andy Samberg (SNL/Brooklyn Nine-Nine) Akwafina (ActoComedian) Camila Mendes (Riverdale) Lili Reinhart (Riverdale) Benny Blanco (Music Producer) Andrew Santino (ActoComedian) Zendaya (ActoSinger) Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show) Jonathan Groff (ActoBroadway Star) Sean Evans (Hot Ones)
3. Real time voting should occur for this series: I’m sure there are many fans that weren’t too satisfied with the results of the S3 finale. I believe a big part of this frustration comes from the flawed voting system the show currently has in place. The show is pre-recorded in front of a studio audience and then aired on a later date for everyone to watch (which can be several months later). The way it works on the production side is the audience member signs an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before seeing the performances. Additionally, the audience members are only allowed to attend one taping of the series. The production team doesn’t want the same folks to come back a second/third time for fear of any leaked spoilers. So that means, each week the masked singers perform in front of a new set of audience members. So, when the production crew filmed the S3 finale, the new audience hadn’t seen any of the finalists’ other performances prior to the finals. When it came time to vote, the in-studio audience solely based their vote off their first impression of the performer rather than their entire season’s performance.
It feels unfair that the TV viewer is not allowed to vote for their favorite singer, especially since they have been watching and rooting for that specific contestant’s progress from the very beginning of the season.
For future seasons, it would be worth getting the TV audience involved in the voting process. My suggestion is to have the show air live. In order to allow time for at-home voting (and to accommodate the streaming viewers from Hulu), the elimination segment would take place a week after the performances.
For example, if the singers perform on May 27th, 2020 (Wednesday), the singer with the least amount of votes will be eliminated on June 3rd, 2020 (the following Wednesday). This gives viewers a full week to watch the episode and vote for their favorite performer. The elimination segment will take place at the beginning of each episode, followed by the new performances for that week. Several other reality competition shows already follow this format.
Allowing at-home voting will create better engagement and commitment to the series. This in turn will increase the show’s ratings.
4. Stopping Jenny McCarthy from revealing the singer’s identities at many elimination rounds:
Another thing I’ve noticed in S3 is the amount of times Jenny McCarthy reveals a singer’s identity in such an obvious manner. According to this article, Jenny had the most correct guesses (6/15) compared to the other panelists (Robin/Nicole: 5/15 Ken: 1/15).
Whenever Jenny guesses the correct identity of a singer, it appears as though she is reading notes written by the producers. This may be normal protocol, however, the delivery of her guesses comes off way too obvious and fake which then spoils the contestant’s reveal. When Robin and Nicole do the same thing, it appears less staged and feels like a genuine guess.
The producers should give the other panelists more of a shot to guess the singers correctly, so that way it comes off less scripted and the viewers don’t immediately resort to Jenny for the correct guess.
5. Joel McHale has to be in the season finale:
Throughout the three seasons of this show, I’ve grown very fond of having Joel McHale as a guest panelist. His improvisation is on point when guessing the contestants after every performance. There has not been a moment when folks didn’t laugh whenever he reacted to something. He brings the best out of the panelists, audience/viewers, and the contestants, especially since he has everyone genuinely laughing at all times.
Lastly, he wrapped out the Tiger King series, so he should have the honor to close out this epic show.
Sincerely, A Masked Fan
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2020.03.02 18:45 Ghost-Quartet 28+ Albums From 2019 You May Have Missed

Promoting music is (I guess) one of my passions so throughout February I challenged myself to do a short writeup on an album that came out in 2019 that went under the radar but I think other people would love, and to put a cap on the series I’ve compiled those writeups here. The albums are many different genres and some of them aren't in English but these are all pop-friendly albums that I feel really good about recommending, so if something sounds interesting don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone! For the sake of bias I’ve arranged them in alphabetical order.

Amplified Experiment by The APX (Funk)

  • For Fans Of: Chaka Khan, Lizzo, the girl group challenge on All Stars 4
Description: This album is such a tribute to old-school funk that midway through this album there’s literally a voicemail from Jody Watley and Teddy Riley literally thanking The Apx for making it. The Apx are a husband and wife duo who clearly love the genre and they’ve done their best to revive the sound of the heyday of the disco-funk era with this album. Despite this the album isn’t stale and they manage pay their dues to the legends while still having a slight modern flair that keeps the sound feeling relevant. Songs like “Mirror” lean a bit more into the electronic production side of things and are a more trance-like take on the genre, lending more of a modern appeal to the sound that takes it out of being just a niche product. I personally am not a huge fan of funk but I respect what they’re doing, and I think anyone can appreciate the colorful production and huge vocal melodies on this album. If you want bright, silly, retro fun, this is it.
Positives: Great reexamination of a classic genre, brimming with energy
Potential Barriers: It’s pure funk so if you don’t like that you likely won’t like this.
Sample Track: “Jupiter” is a funky song with an even funkier music video.

Atlanta Millionaires Club by Faye Webster (Alt-Country)

  • For Fans Of: Kacey Musgraves, Surfjan Stevens, late night vibes
Description: Over sparse accompaniment Faye Webster offers her takes on topics like love, sadness, music and more, and it’s very poignant with just a touch of humor. Her voice is soft but clear, and her cool (somewhat detached) crooning feels effortless, almost as if she’s speaking to us rather than singing. I label this album as alt-country because that’s what it is, but it toys around a bit with genre. Though dominated by wailing steel guitar there are keyboard melodies and some horns that give an almost r&b edge to the songs, with a few (“Flowers” in particular) going there entirely. The result is a dreamy atmosphere for the album, as if the music is pouring out of a radio late at night as you talk with a close friend. It’s a masterwork of honesty and intimacy.
Positives: Great lyrics, very soothing, fresh
Potential Barriers: It’s a very thoughtful album without “bop” style songs
Sample Track: “Hurts Me Too” is clever and emotional.

Be Runway by Bree Runway (Rap + Hyperpop)

  • For Fans Of: M.I.A., LIZ, cocaine at Fashion Week
Description: Bree Runway’s music is characterized by off-the-wall energy and a take-no-prisoners attitude, and she channels her talents into an EP full of eclectic (but explosive) pop songs about sexuality and female liberation. She oscillates between straight up pop songs and straight up rap songs with a lot of interesting pit stops along the way. At her poppiest she offers up songs like the slinky guitar driven “All Night” and at her most legit rap she delivers tracks like the trap laced “Relevant,” however the tracks that lie in between the two styles (“2ON,” “X2C,” Big Racks”) are the real gold of the EP. As she spits quotable line after quotable line her vocals are distorted by autotune and hammered by bubblegum bass, effortlessly fusing together rap and hyper pop. She sounds like a star on every single track, and that’s all that matters.
Positives: Slammin’ songs, fierce attitude, crazy vocals and production
Potential Barriers: Fractional as an actual EP, potentially annoying
Sample Track: “2ON” is an aggressive, over the top pop rap track.

Blood by Kelsey Lu (Alt-Dream-R&B)

  • For Fans Of: FKA Twigs, Blood Orange, arthouse films where women go insane
Description: Kelsey Lu has a cello, and she’s not afraid to use it. Over the course of this album her and her cello are silly, scary, even a bit sexy, but always grounded in a sense of thoughtfulness and delicate composition. While there are a few relatively straightforward pop songs on here, the album is at its best when it’s being weird. She has the ability to be classy and insane at the same time, seamlessly flipping between gliding through songs with intelligence and tearing through them like a madwoman. The subject matter is equally strange, at times cuttingly insightful and at other times pure nonsense. Beneath all of this is a solid foundation of r&b and dream pop that keeps the album eminently listenable. It’s a strange and experimental album from a strange and experimental artist, but don’t let that scare you off from a great album.
Positives: Unique, hauntingly beautiful
Potential Barriers: Weird, might feel inaccessible at first
Sample Tracks: Her cover of “I’m Not In Love” shows off her aesthetic and voice.

Casualty by Anna Akana (Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Hayley Kiyoko, Hey Violet, unpacking emotional baggage
Description: A non-exhaustive list of styles touched upon in this album includes pop, rock, electronic, rap, trap, r&b, spoken word, and probably some more stuff I’m forgetting. But it all feels cohesive thanks to the strong aesthetic of the album, which gives everything a somewhat heavy air to match the gravity of what she’s singing about. The songs deal with heavy topics like mental illness and toxic relationships, describing how they feel and, more importantly, how she overcame them. Along the way she provides some snappy one liners and insistent hooks that keep the songs fun and listenable. While there are definitely some missteps on this album, the quality of the tracks that work and the wide variety of styles makes up for them.
Positives: Deals with important topics, several really strong songs, wide variety of tracks
Potential Barriers: Amateurish vocals, clunky songwriting, "Pretty Girls Don't Cry" sucks
Sample Track: “Intervention” showcases the moody pop-rock aesthetic of the album, musically and lyrically.

Crush On Me by Sir Babygirl (Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Charli XCX, Alanis Morissette, talking about how Melodrama was the best album of the decade
Description: Sir Babygirl’s self-written/produced album is one of the most exciting debuts from the underground pop scene in recent years, with her spunky take on pop music combining moody vibes with tons of energy and a hefty arsenal of hooks. Her strong, musical theatre trained voice brings so much life to the songs, and when combined with the off-the-wall production of wailing background vocals and guitars we end up with some songs that are extra in the best way. Although the album is fairly brisk there are some interludes/reprises threaded throughout the album that offer a change of pace and give the album a loose Melodrama-esque narrative arc. Her quirky lyrics really capture what it’s like to be super gay and a little bit over everything. A must-listen.
Positives: Great vocals, catchy, strong artistic vision
Potential Barriers: Weird, you might roll your eyes at times
Sample Track: This performance of “Pink Lite” showcases the song and her talent.

Green Balloon by Tank and the Bangas (Soul + Rap)

  • For Fans Of: Noname, Lizzo, old PBS shows like Reading Rainbow
Description: Tank and the Bangas are known for their incredible energy in live shows and their jazz/soul stylings, and this latest album throws trap into the mix as well. However the foundation of their music lies in lead singer Tank’s electric voice and background in spoken word poetry, which allows the group to bounce effortlessly between soulful ballads, hard trap bangers, and slam poetry sessions. Their heartfelt songs are full of quirky lyrics and wisdom about topics like love, drugs, and self-care, and always backed by the lovely orchestrations of The Bangas. There’s a weird balance between “urban” and “childish” aesthetics, almost as if the album is children’s music for grownups that’s uplifting rather than patronizing.
Positives: Silly lyrics that deliver great messages, fun vibes
Potential Barriers: Songs are weird and vary in style, album is kind of long, “Forgetfulness” accidentally deadnames Caitlyn Jenner.
Sample Track: “Smoke.Netflix.Chill” is probably the track on the album that best combines all their influences (soul, rap, jazz, poetry) and it’s super fun.

HOLLAND by Holland (Dance Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Troye Sivan, Porter Robinson, tumblr
Description: This mini-album is gay, not just because the singer is gay and many of the songs focus on that, but because it sounds like the dance-floor ready pop that I always hear “the gays” begging for on twitter. Though short the EP is well-rounded, with each of the tracks offering a slightly different style: “Nar_C” has utilizes deep-house, “I’m Not Afraid” is more traditional synth-pop, “I’m so Afraid” is hard hitting electronic music, “Neverland” is a trap-laced ballad, and “Up” is tropical house. Each of them delivers on their chosen sound well while sounding cohesive to the project as a whole. The production on these songs is fantastic, giving the songs replay value and allowing Holland to work around his weaker vocals. The mini-album focuses on the pleasures and anxieties of being a modern gay youth, with these dance elements cleverly being used to communicate feelings even when you can’t understand the lyrics.
Positives: Fantastic dance production, gay
Potential Barriers: Lyrics are in Korean
Sample Tracks: “I’m So Afraid” is a great song that showcases both his ballad skills and the album’s electronic elements

Insecure by Amara La Negra (Latin-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Keke Palmer, Party music, People who didn't turn off "Despacito" when it came on
Description: Since appearing on Love and Hip-Hop: Miami Amara has dipped her foot into hosting, acting, dancing, and she’s just oozed star power through all of it. Her debut album was a respectable attempt to get that presence to translate to music, and while it’s not perfect, it’s a very fresh, modern sounding album from a rising star. There’s plenty of trendy party music on here, but a few unusual breakup songs give the album a more unique identity and lets her show some different sides. The songwriting is a little bit unpolished but that serves to humanize her a little bit, and it gives a bit of edge that just a normal reggaeton wouldn’t. The more I listen to this the more I'm into it.
Positives: Short, very easy to listen to/get a hold of, fun
Potential Barriers: Clunky lyrics, some obvious filler
Sample Track: “Insecure” was hit-worthy.

Jaime by Brittany Howard (Rock + Soul)

  • For Fans Of: Nina Simone, Indie rock, "best of" lists by respectable (but still edgy) publications
Description: Look, Pitchfork gave this an 8.6 Best New Music review and Bandcamp said it was the 18th best album of last year, so I have it on good authority that this is a quality album. I labelled this album as “rock” because that’s what Wikipedia says but really it has a very loose relationship to genre. While guitars and drums permeate the album the music flows freely, beholden to one thing only: Brittany Howard’s iconic androgynous contralto. She’s got the kind of voice that could make the phone book sound like a sermon, but fortunately she’s an amazing songwriter as well. It’s a thoughtful self-portrait of a modern black queer woman, never shying away from a topic but also never losing a strong sense of poeticism. It’s not pop bops and bangers, but it’s tender and thoughtful in a way that should definitely be respected.
Positives: Gorgeous voice, soul healing, topical but uplifting
Potential Barriers: Subtle, might take a few listens to fully appreciate
Sample Track: “Georgia” is a sweet song about a young girl with a crush on an older girl.

LEGACY! LEGACY! by Jamila Woods (R&B/Soul)

  • For Fans Of: Nina Simone, Kendrick Lamar, critical acclaim
Description: This album is such a towering artistic achievement that I’m not sure how to even talk about it without underselling it. Read the spirited description of the album on her Bandcamp page for a far more eloquent take because all I can say is “this album had me shook.” Each track is dedicated to a revolutionary person of color, with Jamila taking inspiration from them and translating their philosophies into some truly forward thinking r&b. She imbibes these songs with gravity that would almost be crushing if it weren’t so inspiring, and power permeates through every note and every word of this album. Her earthy vocals sing the truth, and the collaborators she invites in do great work too. This is an album that makes you think, and keeps you thinking long after it’s ended.
Positives: Literally one of the best written albums of the decade
Potential Barriers: It’s kinda heavy
Sample Track: “BALDWIN” is one of the album’s poppiest moments and has some great trumpets.

Love Pop Wow! by LABOUM (Bubblegum Pop)

  • For Fans Of: TWICE, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, feeling cute and girlish~
Description: This album just beats you over the head with sugar, yet somehow it’s fabulous rather than exhausting? It stays consistently upbeat and bubblegum but there’s a lot of diversity in the tempos, levels, and styles of the songs that keeps the album from feeling one note. They don’t feel the need to shoehorn a ballad on there or anything (popheads rejoice!) but there are some guitar driven tracks and a slow jam or two that mix it up a bit while still feeling cohesive. They draw on the best aspects of both Jpop and Kpop here, so it’s slightly retro in some of its sensibilities but there’s definitely a modern edge. It’s not the album of the year or anything but if you’re in the market for an album that’s just a bunch of cute, happy pop songs then this could be it.
Positives: Unapologetically bright, high energy, feel good from start to finish
Potential Barriers: It’s in Japanese, potential sugar overload
Sample Track: “Hwi Hwi” is an impossibly bright, airy pop song.

Mazy Fly by Spellling (Experimental)

  • For Fans Of: Bjork, Allie X, cryptids and liminal spaces
Description: Some fun descriptors I’ve seen used for Spellling’s music include “alien abduction music,” “nocturnal psychedelic witch pop,” and “like Solange looking in a haunted mirror.” It’s difficult to pin her music down in terms of genre, it can be anything ranging from fairly straightforward pop songs to garbled audio experiments, but it’s less about that and more about the moods she creates. The songs on this album are almost more experiences than songs, stringing together synths and vocals into intriguing auditory odysseys that don’t really sound like anything you’ve heard before. It’s as if she’s unchained herself from conventional song structure and is creating pure music that’s spilling forth from some place otherworldly and mysterious. The production and songwriting are too insistent for it to be ambient music though, and she does offer up some memorable melodies and moments that stand on their own without the aesthetic.
Positives: Unique, freaky aesthetic, pretty arrangements
Potential Barriers: Might be too weird and spacey for some
Sample Track: “Under The Sun” is long but hypnotic, it takes like three minutes for the vocals to come in but they’re great.

mini mix vol. 1 by Magdalena Bay (Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Rina Sawayama, Hannah Diamond, /popheads favorites
Description: I feel like I’ve talked about this album a LOT and I’ll continue to do so until all of the songs on it crack at least 50k streams. Everything this group puts out is gold, but this is definitely my favorite. A visual mini-album, the pop duo challenged themselves to quickly create “mini” pop songs/videos and put them out without second guessing themselves, and the results are fabulous! The album is tied together by a dreamy, synth drenched sonic palate, but within that formula they find room for a diversity of sounds. They evoke the slightly kitschy sights and sounds of the ’90s/’00s to great effect, serving up retro videos and DDR-esque beats. It’s quick, but it’ll have you coming back for more.
Positives: Short, every song is great
Potential Barriers: ?
Sample Track: “Mine” is the longest and strongest song.

Neptune Diamond by Rakky Ripper (Hyperpop + Rap)

  • For Fans Of: Charli XCX, Slayyyter, Hyperpop/PC Music
Description: Rakky Ripper is from Spain and this album got little promotion (like, there aren’t even any music videos) so I understand why nobody has heard of this album but that needs to change because it’s exactly what this sub is into. Her and producer eurosanto joined forces to offer their own take on PC Music and it’s every bit as sugary and insane as the London collective is; they take a bit more of a rap approach to the sound but they understand what makes hyperpop so addictive and provide plenty of glossy beats and bubblegum bass. ALSO Rosalía and Charli XCX follow her on Instagram and Charli invited her onstage once so she’s basically popheads approved. If Charli stans, you should too.
Positives: It’s a madcap pop album, great production, a fresh take on the hyper pop movement.
Potential Barriers: It’s in Spanish, it could be obnoxious if you aren’t into this kind of thing.
Sample Track: “Fresas, Chocolate y Crema” is my favorite track from the album, probably because it’s the calmest.

Never Grow Up by Chanmina (Pop-Rap)

  • For Fans Of: (G)I-DLE, Iggy Azalea, being a tough girl but still having a heart
Description: Chanmina is a fantastic pop-rapper who really nails the balance between the two styles: while her bars are impressive, there’s always a really good pop chorus to latch onto as well. The choices of beats on this album are smart because they sound fresh and fun while still maintaining a bit of an edge, whether the song is moody, fierce, or fun. The album is mostly in Japanese but there are English hooks and she’s such a talented performer I’ll often find myself relating to the songs that I can’t even understand. She’s got aspirations to push into the Western market and I think she has the talent to do it, if you want to get in on a hot new artist early she’s not a bad choice.
Positives: Full of bops, strong melodies, good production
Potential Barriers: It’s mostly in Japanese, some disconnect between autotuned rap tracks and more traditionally sung tracks
Sample Track: She has a medley of songs up on her channel that contains some of my favorite songs, but “Yesterday” is also a standout.

Next To The Sun by KAINA (R&B + Soul)

  • For Fans Of: Solange, Kali Uchis, laying in bed and thinking
Description: Next To The Sun just weaves a spell. Droning guitars and measured percussion leave the album awash with dreamy vibes, a dream we’re guided through by Kaina’s rich voice. It’s soft and subtle, but also very warm. Her work is defined by a sense of optimism; even as she sings about darkness she’s also describing how to be strong and how to cope. It combines music from Kaina’s Latin-American background with the indie-pop, r&b, and soul of her Chicago upbringing, which helps to free the album from the constraints of genre and paint a picture of her experiences. It’s a hauntingly beautiful album, and a really promising debut LP.
Positives: Soothing and easy to listen to, uplifting, fresh sound/perspective
Potential Barriers: Slow, subtle
Sample Track: “Could Be A Curse” is downright hypnotic and really captures the thoughtful feel of the album.

Para Mi by Cuco (Psychedelic Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Tyler, The Creator, Mac DeMarco, the background music from Steven Universe
Description: This is stoner music, but like, in the best way. Genres melt together here into an intoxicating haze of r&b, jazz, trap, bossa nova, rap, synthpop, shoe gaze, and whatever else Cuco feels like pulling out at the time. This is perfect for the dreamy, psychedelic themes of the album, allowing Cuco room to croon about love and other (literal) drugs. His lyrics aren’t the greatest but they’re charmingly earnest and his melodies are so strong it often doesn’t matter what he’s saying at all because the vibes are so mesmerizing. Instrumental interludes keep the wavy atmosphere going between songs and make this a great, cohesive listening experience. I feel like this is what the cool kids are listening to.
Positives: Great to vibe out to, some really catchy songs
Potential Barriers: Lyrics can be clunky and a bit obnoxious
Sample Track: “Keeping Tabs” is an addictive piece of music.

THE PARK IN THE NIGHT part three by GWSN (Dance Pop)

  • For Fans Of: LOONA, Betty Who, cartoon soundtracks
Description: A tight album of colorful dance pop with strong melodies, they do a good job of reworking existing genres to sound fresh. There are hints of r&b, new jack swing, tropical house, EDM, and more on this album, but they’re filtered through this ethereal, futuristic lens that makes them sound wholly unique and lend the group an almost retrofusturistic sound. Space and dreams are major motifs in their music and you can hear that in the diverse production, which offers up hard hitting drops and layered harmonies in equal measure.
Positives: Great production, creative, high energy
Potential Barriers: It’s in Korean
Sample Track: “Night Aviation (Interpretation Of Dreams)” is really cool sounding r&b tinged slow jam.

Past Progressive by Jane Zhang (Electropop)

  • For Fans Of: Timbaland, Rihanna, getting #turnt
Description: Jane Zhang had the potential to be the first Chinese pop girl to break the US back in 2017 after “Dust My Shoulders Off” was used in Hulu ads and she performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. All of the buzz died down by the time the album finally dropped last year, but those of us who stuck around were well rewarded with a fantastic dance-pop album. This album reminds me of the heyday of floor-filler club music, there’s huge early ‘10s energy on here. I’ll put it this way: Timbaland produced some tracks and there’s a Ne-Yo feature. This album is loud, bringing electropop production and huge vocals that make the moody pop girls of today quake. Almost half of this album was released as a single or used on a soundtrack so it’s a bit all over the place in that regard, but the songs themselves are always polished and full of energy. If you’ve been craving some trashy dance diva music, here it is.
Positives: Huge club songs, great vocals, top notch production
Potential Barriers: Kind of dated, the album drags in the middle with some obvious filler
Sample Track: If you asked me to create the ideal club song it would be “808.”

Queer Pop Songs by be steadwell (Bedroom Pop)

  • For Fans Of: dodie, mxmtoon, being gay and emotional
Description: be steadwell made a lot of this album in her bedroom for no money, but talent is a great substitute for budget. She manages to get a lot of mileage out of just simple recording equipment and her voice, using clever vocal arrangements to augment the simple instrumentals. She frequently employs vocal looping as well, so many of the songs pseudo-a cappella sections as well. It gives her music a surprisingly distinctive style that’s calming and a little hypnotic. Her lyrics are, as the title implies, “queer,” but they’re frequently introspective and touch onto spiritual imagery as well. It’s underground, left-of-center chill pop, but it makes for a nice change of pace. It's long so I’d recommend listening to it once through and picking out the songs you like.
Positives: Spunky energy, calming, frequently clever
Potential Barriers: Low production value, songs are very simple
Sample Track: “ExFriends” shows her style well.

Rouge by Yuna (Pop + R&B)

  • For Fans Of: (Modern) Mariah Carey, Hoody, a night out with the ladies that ends at a reasonable hour
Description: The track list of Rouge is like a bunch of gems strung together into a beautiful necklace: each song shines in its own way thanks to the diversity of styles and collaborators. The songs are strung together well enough that they feel cohesive but the songs come in different shades of r&b, pop, and dance, all of which feel polished and elegant. Over half of the songs on the album have featured artists and she brings out the best in each of them. She trades bars with Jay Park on a synth pop song, disco dances with G-Eazy and Little Simz, ruminates over thumping r&b with too many others to list, and she shows different colors each time. The solo half of the album is equally worthy, Yuna is a commanding performer with a rich, mature voice that she doesn’t have to raise to make a point. The overall effect is a chill pop album that manages to be silky and mature without sacrificing fun in the process.
Positives: Great list of features, solid blend of danceable bops and slow jams, mature perspective
Potential Barriers: It has ballads
Sample Track: “Likes (ft. KYLE)” is a chill song that reflects on her place as Muslim woman in the music industry.


  • For Fans Of: Kim Petras, Hayley Kiyoko, Radio Disney
Description: Titled after the seven stages of grief, this album aims to guide us through a bad breakup with the most powerful weapon known to man: bouncy pop music. Armed with a powerful set of pipes and vibrant production, FRANKIE offers up pop songs that feel almost old-school in their maximalist tendencies. Her sound and aesthetic feel ripped from the ’00s, but in a good way! It’s not dated but rather comforting, offering up modern takes on old tropes like the piano power ballad that remind us why we fell in love with them in the first place. Despite the seemingly dark subject matter the album is never maudlin, instead opting for a more positive approach that gives the album a breezy quality.
Positives: Pure pop fun, relatable songs
Potential Barriers: A bit basic
Sample Track: “Strangers” has a great chorus.

Sweater Collection by Lo Lo (Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Carly Rae Jepsen, Tori Kelly, overusing the term "bop"
Description: I can’t pretend that Lo Lo is breaking any barriers or blowing any minds, but she’s been consistently putting out catchy pop music and really, what else are we asking for? She has the good sense to keep the tempo up: her debut EP is all bright, breezy pop songs that are fun and don’t overstay their welcome. Her style is refreshingly straightforward, with clean production and vocals delivering the catchy hooks and choruses we expect from good music. The album has a distinctly spunky attitude, but the vibes buried beneath the cheer are darker and lend the EP a bit of an edge. She’s got good energy that helps her music go down easy, I’ve gotten a LOT of mileage out of these songs.
Positives: Short and sweet, really addictive pop songs
Potential Barriers: A little basic
Sample Track: “Yours” is the kind of adventurous, catchy song pop artists dream of releasing.

Symptoms by Ashley Tisdale (Electropop)

  • For Fans Of: Marina, Hilary Duff, basic bops
Description: While she hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as her contemporary child stars Ashley has been out there living her best life and aging gracefully, and it shows on this album. It’s a more thoughtful album that reflects on her experiences with struggling to find happiness in love, utilizing a gentle approach to electropop that feels very fresh and trendy. You won’t find the trashy club bangers of her youth here, and as much as I love those I’m glad she gave us an album that feels authentic to who she is and where she’s at in her life right now. It’s refreshing to hear a mainstream pop celebrity release a collection of mature pop songs about learning to get in touch with yourself and your emotions. It’s not the most ground breaking album in existence but I find it very cozy and reassuring to listen to.
Positives: Wholesome, relatable content, nice chill electropop
Potential Barriers: Kind of basic
Sample Track: “Feeling So Good” is the penultimate song of the album, and a mild banger.

U D D by Up Dharma Down (Indie + Dance)

  • For Fans Of: The 1975, Fickle Friends, night drives and neon lighting
Description: Their music is almost impossibly slick, with every synth pad and bass lick perfectly calibrated for their vision of a genre defying album that fuses indie rock, soft disco, synth pop, and jazz. Offering up danceable tracks and slow jams in equal measure this album is radio friendly and welcoming to fans of pop but still has a free spirit and an indie edge that’s incredibly compelling. This is the soundtrack of late nights, both the kind spent out and the kind spent alone. An air of nostalgia permeates the album, both in the ’80s-esque sound palate and in the lyrics, which handle former pain and new beginnings. These songs will touch your heart and make you wistful even as you dance to the bouncy grooves offered but by the band.
Positives: Unique dance vibes, emotionally intelligent lyrics (many of which are in English), no bad songs
Potential Barriers: Kind of long, some of the songs are in Tagalog
Sample Track: “Never” is a hard hitting, synth drenched track with a bit of a funky kick to it.

Ugh, those feels again by Snoh Aalegra (R&B + Soul)

  • For Fans Of: Amy Winehouse, Sade, music to sing along to on a lazy Sunday morning
Description: This album feels like it’s going to become a classic. Every song on here is distinct and memorable, but it’s also the kind of album you can just put on and vibe with. Snoh Aalegra creates r&b at its fullest potential, blending in styles like hip-hop, gospel, and soul to add further flavor to her work. She doesn’t have to raise her voice to make a point (her smoky voice is perfect for the genre), instead bringing songs to life with an emotive, almost theatrical touch. There is something of a thematic arc to the album, beginning with songs about new love and ending with songs about old pain, and she nails it every step of the way with her earnest lyricism and the cinematic production. Listening to this album you’ll find yourself nodding your head, tapping your foot, and feeling all gooey inside.
Positives: Super easy to listen to, silky and smooth
Potential Barriers: Not everybody likes r&b I guess?
Sample Track: “I Want You Around” is gorgeous and romantic, such a calming piece of music.

Was It Even Real? by Olivia O’Brien (Moody-Pop)

  • For Fans Of: Halsey, Due Lipa, being kind of burned out on everything
Description: “Generic” is not a dirty word, but Olivia O’Brien still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Most of the album is anchored in a very modern acoustic/trap fusion sound, but depending on the song she can either veer entirely acoustic or lean into full on dance pop. It’s a somewhat scattershot approach to genre that works out well and stays cohesive thanks to the strong lyrical/thematic focus. It’s definitely an album written by a nineteen year old because a lot of the songs concern being fed up with boys, fake friends, and partying, but as cliched as it sounds she actually has a knack for lyrics that make these experiences sound relevant and relatable. It’s dark, but it manages to raise itself above just being depressing through smart songwriting choices. Given the broad variety of songs on this album there are songs to listen to when you’re feeling sad, when you feel like dancing, or both.
Positives: Balances moody and upbeat sounds well, relatable content, strong pop album
Potential Barriers: Some of the tracks are rough, might be too “generic” for some
Sample Track: “Just A Boy” is a spunky little ’80s disco number.
And that's it! There’s also a quick list of 28 more albums in the comments! Please share your thoughts on any of these albums, or any albums you felt went under the radar, down below.
Also check out my 57 Overlooked/Underrated Songs From 2019 post as well because there's stuff on there that didn't make it on here.
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2019.12.10 17:13 damazz10 Bravo Ratings 12/1/19-12/4/19

Sunday 12/1/19

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Monday 12/2/19

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Tuesday 12/3/19

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Wednesday 12/4/19

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Thursday 12/5/19

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

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2019.12.08 07:07 LouiseJHylton Kiss the Girl (Naughty Princess Club #3) by Tara Sivec

Details of Book
Author : Tara Sivec
Number of pages : 254 pages
Editor : Swerve
Date of Publication : September 4th 2018


Download PDF Kiss the Girl
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A struggling antiques collector finds herself falling in love with a millionaire playboy; but can she ever be a part of his world?
Meet the Naughty Princess Club, a series from USA Today bestselling author Tara Sivec that brings readers to Fairytale Lane and the hilarity—and romance—that three women fall into once they decide to strut their stuff and bring on their own happily ever after.
While her friends have broken free of their insecurities, Ariel Waters is struggling to come out of her shell. Her ex-husband took away her voice and her self-confidence, and Ariel is drowning under a sea of debt to afford the alimony she has to pay him. She refuses to ever fall for a man’s charms again, and is determined to make her own way.
When her house and her beloved antiques are taken by the bank after too many missed payments, Ariel finds herself adrift until the infuriatingly charming Eric Sailor comes to her rescue. Although she can’t stand the millionaire playboy, Eric’s kindness and unconditional support reveal hidden depths and a love that Ariel never imagined she could find.
But there are outside influences who will stop at nothing to keep them apart; can Ariel and Eric weather the storm and find a way to be together?
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2019.10.01 00:22 newsfeedmedia Ashley Tisdale used to bring dates to Disneyland before DUMPING THEM

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2019.09.30 21:52 newsfeedmedia Ashley Tisdale used to bring dates to Disneyland before DUMPING THEM

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2019.06.16 00:19 Hamburglar76 I need help please

ok so in the dream there are 3 main characters -Me -"Bree", a bi girl, we went to homecoming together and both wen on out first ever date together. We put away realtionship for being friends but tge side that likes her always comes out -"May", another bi girl, best friend of bree and they both like eachother (not sure if they acted on it)
(setting was some sort of basketball court) ok so in the dream i guess i was on some sort of trip with bree and some of her friends, some ive never seen before or heard of, i ask May where Bree was, someone looks at me and says (and i shit you not) "you didnt hear? she got with ashley tisdale" (again not joking). after hearing this i started stumbeling back and crying.
im not sure what any of this means and im super confused, the dream sounds dumb but i legit dont know what it means
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2019.01.24 20:25 Unique_Chip [TOMT][SONG][2000-2010's] "Crazy, crazy" in the chorus

Okay, so I heard it today at the supermarket but I couldn't catch any more of the lyrics.

- The lyrics contain in the chorus [and I'll be/you got me?] crazy, crazy, crazy [oh, for you/over you?]. Words in the brackets are very dubious, I could only make out "crazy, crazy".

- The voice is of a woman only.

- I also heard it before years ago. I'm certain the song is not too obscure. The date is dubious but doesn't sound like something from the 90's. Probably late 2000's.

- It has an "upbeat", fast rythm; I can't put my finger on the style but certainly not metal, country or classical (duh). Something perhaps electronic.

- I searched and I could rule out the following songs:
It's driving me nuts. Thank you!
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2018.08.30 01:26 KLJohnnes Bests songs from tv animated series

Till this date I'm impressed on how Busted from Phineas and Ferb is the Telephone before Telephone existed. It's so fucking good, their voice, the chorus, the rhythm, It's AMAZING. Both, Ashley Tisdale and Olivia Olson were fantastic in bringing that song alive. I'm sure that I was destined to be gay in the moment that I found myself in love with the bop that Hex Girl was while watching Scooby-Doo. They put their name in the song before Cardi B ever dreamed about doing it. The wicca inspired lyrics, it's everything.Edit: Batman singing Am I Blue.
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2018.07.29 00:50 JoeCox1990 Ashley Tisdale might be a more likely musical guest for Season 44 this fall...

Hi guys! Well, today I have some pretty exciting news about one of my favorite celebrities. Ashley Tisdale is releasing a new album this fall and I think she has a decent shot at being a musical guest for Season 44! It will be called "Symptoms," and according to Billboard, it will have both a CD (physical) and digital download wide release. The executive producer of the album and one of the songwriters is John Feldmann, the guy behind the Los Angeles punk band Goldfinger. Ashley recently signed to his label Big Noise Records. It's an indie label, but still cool! She used to be with Warner Bros. I think she'll even go on tour to promote this album and possibly the late night show circuit! What do you guys think about this? Thanks!
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2018.07.04 16:04 Radiance64 I've Got A BUNCH Of Reasons This Movie STINKS! And Here's The Reasons Why!

A couple of YEARS ago Disney wanted to make a movie called THE SNOW QUEEN! But the idea was shelved. After the sucess of Tangled, Disney wanted to make a movie called "Frozen", But MAN I REALLY WANTED 2 SEE THAT! And A few years later I was watching Nickelodeon and I saw a commercial 4 "Frozen" Back then I wanted 2 see that movie,but a month or so later everyone that I knew had already seen it, I thought 2 myself I HAVE TO/GOT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I asked my sister to take me to the mall by foot, just to see the movie but she got so stubborn, and said no. But around the time I got Pizza from the Target near that particular mall and "Frozen" I sat down in my room and watched it. I Liked the FIRST half of it but after the transition to the other half. I kind of started to think it was stupid. I mean I like Kristoff he's 1 cool dude. And his animal sidekick Sven. And I like Anna because she's an optimist. Olaf ("the comic relief" the snow man on the other hand reminds me of Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls, Plus Disney stole the name Olaf from one of the greatest villans in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Hans the main villan is cool for a villan and he's not really that much of a villan just a secondary anti-hero. Elsa, on the other hand is probably the worst character, She's the MAIN Antihero AND the MAIN BAD-GUY! (Although I HATE IT when she REDEEMS herself.) Always shutting people out after she (not) purposely hurts Anna, Creating, A Blizzard, Turning Summer into Winter and Worst of all singing that HORRIBLE song "Let It Go"! During the second half I said to myself "Bah, sounds like a Badly done Snow Queen Disney Version to me," I thought. Boy in the 1st half did those little suckers get back at me. Now Let Me tell you the top 6 reasons on why I think frozen is so lame and stupid. 6: The Characters are so bland and that it needs a little bit more work... like I said before I mean I like Kristoff he's 1 cool dude. And his animal sidekick Sven. And I like Anna because she's an optimist. Olaf ("the comic relief") the snow man on the other hand reminds me of Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls, Plus Disney stole the name Olaf from one of the greatest villans in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Hans the main villan is cool for a villan and he's not really that much of a villan just a secondary anti-hero. Elsa, on the other hand is probably the worst character, She's the MAIN Antihero AND the MAIN BAD-GUY! (Although I HATE IT when she REDEEMS herself.) Always shutting people out after she (not) purposely hurts Anna, Creating, A Blizzard, Turning Summer into Winter and Worst of all singing that HORRIBLE song "Let It Go"! ( I'll get to Let it Go in a minute). 5: Disney should have done a better job, I mean critics and random general people say it's great as "The Lion King" but it's NOT! If it was the same level as "The Lion King", It would have been MUCH darker and scarier, have at least one sacrifice, at least ONE FLIGHT sequence, be a Miyazaki-inspired movie, have the main bad-guy have magical powers, have Olaf and Sven tell Anna to not worry in a.... Hakuna Matata fashion, have Anna and Elsa's parents killed in a different way(Like falling off a hill etc.), Have a greater song then "Let It Go", (although Love is An Open Door reminded me my sister and our friends of High School Musical which is a great movie I buy every of it's merchandise at the Target I mentioned earlier tonight also the Love Is An Open Door song is like Hakuna Matata HSM style... by the lyrics Anna: Say goodbye Hans: Say goodbye Both: To the pain of the past We don't have to feel it any more.... see? And the movie would have more responsibility lessons, and it would have a better song than that silly "Let It Go"! So there. 4: "Frozen" deserves less the attention it can get! "Frozen" is an overappreciated movie! It won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, an Annie, a Kids Choice Awards etc. Ever go to the Disney Store sometime? If you do, you've no doubt noticed that about 80% of the merchandise that place has for television shows are for JETIX-airing shows that Disney didn't make. Sheesh! P.S. I'm a huge JETIX fan. and I'm a BOY! All i'm saying is that I want GREAT movies like The Wind Rises, Despicable Me 2, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, Monsters University etc. to get more attention that that dumb "Frozen"! 4 the 2nd time Sheesh! 3:It's Disney! How could the stoop so low?! SHUT UP! The reason that "Frozen" is so popular is just an attempt by Disney to get more MONEY! That's because unlike some other products Disney's made they were not at the level as the greatest film of all time. 2: Teamo Supremo, Beyblade And Phineas And Ferb are much cooler Disney products. I mean the suckish "Frozen" targets 5 year old girls and Teamo Supremo, Beyblade And Phineas And Ferb etc. target 6-year-old boys I mean those tv shows are MUCH more Awesome! Those shows would win over the stupid "Frozen" Plus Candace from Phineas and Ferb is voiced by Ashley Tisdale (HSM Suite Life Of Zach and Cody). Beyblade was a JETIX show 4 once (since I am a JETIX fan). And Teamo Supremo, Crandall & Brenda make the CUTEST Disney Couple! Nuff Said. Finally the #1 I think "Frozen" sucks is because of the song "Let It Go"! Everytime I hear it it stays in my head! Honestly After "Let It Go" it just started to go downhill. (Although I do like the Demi Lavato version she's dating That 70's Show's Fez!) SERIOUSLY Disney pretend that 'Frozen" was never around so I can get on with my life! 4 the 3rd time Sheesh! Sorry If I offened anyone with the reasons you suck speech 2 "Frozen" I just am so ANGRY at "Frozen"! if there is anyone out there who hates "Frozen" create a Twitter,YouTube,Instagram,FaceBook,Tumblr,Vine,Blog,Pi-ntrest,etc. And Even SKYPE! and call it FrozenHaters and if anyone out there who feels the same way as me on your FrozenHaters page put hashtag #IHateFrozen and on May 1st 2014 we will announce how many people hate "Frozen" I'm not saying I hate Disney I just think they could have done a better job. So until then I'll catch you on the flipside?!
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2017.11.13 00:49 WarStarsFan55 Milo Murphy's Law Episode 32-35 Review

Okay, so this is the very last of these reviews and I won't bother you guys anymore thereafter. Well, not until a new episode airs at least. I did really like a lot of the episodes I'm reviewing here. This is a great show, and it's a fun show.
Episode 1-2 review:
Episode 3-6 review:
Episode 7-10 review:
Episode 11-14 review:
Episode 15-17 review:
Episode 18-20 review:
Episode 21-23 review:
Episode 24-27 review:
Episode 28-31 review:
Episode 32: Love Toboggan
  1. Love Toboggan. A toboggan is some kind of sled, apparently, so… they’re going sledding? While it’s autumn? Sure, why not…
  2. Does Sara usually wear a full-body costume like that? Also, did I ever mention before that something about her face is… different, compared to the facial styles of Milo, Melissa and Zack? I don’t know.
  3. Sara is apparently very bad at keeping secrets. Good to know. And she’s going on a date with Neal from the comic shop, which is also good to know, because… reasons.
  4. Apparently the rest of Murphy’s (and Zack and Melissa, of course) are indeed going up to the hills to go sledding, judging from those outfits.
  5. Of course Milo and his father would hate concrete. And of course Milo made a list of all the things that can go wrong with snow. Not all of them equally disastrous.
  6. Giant snowman, of course.
  7. Well, Neal seems decent at first sight.
  8. Ah, this is just Sara day-dreaming about what could go wrong. I was about to say that although Sara’s story was kind of rambly, that was no reason for Neal to walk out on her right away. She really is a lot like Candace.
  9. ‘It’s not a to-do-list’. Zack, I think you might as well make it one to get it over with.
  10. A spare ski really is a good idea. As is Zack’s thought of reading that list ahead of time, but as Milo says, ‘What fun would that be?’
  11. ‘What are they running from?’ (Next scene) ‘Get out of the way, you stupid wolf!’
  12. Sara Murphy is Candace Flynn.
  13. ‘Large sheet of metal, on a cold incline, covered in ice. And we think it’s a good idea to slide down.’ Where would we be without Zack’s snarkiness?
  14. Thanks for the five-second-foreshadowing, two random guys.
  15. Well, they got down the incline all right. That counts for a lot, right?
  16. The smokestack exploding because of Martin Murphy throwing all those free samples in the fire, while his son and his friends were on it, is so absolutely random.
  17. I suppose that land speed record is about to get shattered.
  18. Okay, that mood whiplash just made this very randomly sad. This is more like the jokes they’d pull on Gravity Falls than on Phineas and Ferb. Remember Big Henry, anyone?
  19. Sara Murphy is Candace Flynn, but worse. At least her mental images never fought swordfights.
  20. There’s a special quail brake on the train. That’s… that’s nifty.
  21. ‘Those aren’t quails, they’re partridges! Get outta here!’
  22. I hadn’t noticed before that the diner downtown was called ‘Diner Downtown’. And in retrospect it was inevitable that Milo, Zack and Melissa would end up crashing Sara’s date not-date.
  23. …or not. Jay for Milo doing his best not to crash his sister’s date! And trying to avert a crash, I suppose. Although given that Sara and Neal already left…
  24. ‘Please sir, just don’t hurt the commemorative plaque!’
  25. Well, apparently Neal is a good match for Sara, then.
  26. And there are Milo and their friends to crash the date anyway. Not particularly surprising at this point.
  27. Neal/Sara is pretty cute. Milo’s song helps.
  28. Aww.
  29. Poor Mrs. Murphy. And this was a sweet episode. I think I liked this one better than the previous (not that that one was bad, it was pretty good). Neal really fits with Sara, if you get what I mean. In a way, say, Jeremy Johnson didn’t quite fit with Candace. He could be an interesting character if done right (although they probably shouldn’t make him too similar to Sara either, because that just gets boring).
Episode 33: The Island Of Lost Dakotas
  1. Well, I suppose this episode will take on an island, and Dakota will get lost. It might cause Cavendish to reflect on their awkward friendship? Maybe they’ll even have an argument and that’s why he gets lost? I don’t know.
  2. There are actually plenty of people and things in the intro that I never really noticed before, despite having watched this intro over thirty times now. Heck, Elliot is there, Milo’s parents, Sara (very distant in the background and you have to pause the episode, but I noticed her), Mrs. Murawski… I wonder whether there are any significant characters who aren’t in the intro.
  3. Ah, so that’s what a corn dog is. I’ve been low-key wondering that for years without bothering to look it up.
  4. So Cavendish regularly dies and Dakota goes back to prevent his deaths? That’s… that’s dark. I wonder whether that ever happens the other way around. I suppose Dakota would have known about it, since Cavendish isn’t the type who would keep that quiet.
  5. Thanks for the flashback, guys, but I did remember that Hamisaur thing.
  6. ‘It’s a long story.’ ‘How long?’ ‘About eleven minutes.’ I am not surprised. Why am I not surprised.
  7. You know, I wonder whether when Milo is nervous about something (like laced shoes) the others might not be better off taking his advice. But apparently Zack’s hamisaur obsession is just too great. The blame is on you if this goes wrong, Underwood.
  8. I would argue that the other Dakota sticking around is not how time travel works (nor is talking about it to random old ladies on a bus) but this is Milo Murphy’s Law, and it shares a universe (and thus time travel rules) with Phineas and Ferb. Neither of whom have ever cared much about connecting the two subjects of ‘time travel’ and ‘common sense’.
  9. …seriously, Cavendish? Seriously? At least in that lava case he should know Dakota saved his life. Like with the space scenario. I mean, the guy has to have more common sense than that, right?
  10. (Admittedly, many of them are just plain bad luck.)
  11. Interesting that Dakota doesn’t answer whether he cares about Cavendish, just ‘he’s Cavendish’. I’m sure he does care, though.
  12. With that ship attendant, I’m pretty sure that’s Irving’s voice. Well, Jack McBrayer.
  13. Actually it’s the captain, and by now I know it’s him. You know, I wonder why it’s often been the slightly more peripheral actors from PnF that have shown up (aside from Povenmire himself, of course, and apparently Alyson Stoner at some point… and Vincent Martella unrecognizably voicing Bradley. Okay, that just leaves Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ashley Tisdale, kind of defeating my point. But it would be nice if they recognizably showed up sometimes, that’s all what I’m saying.)
  14. Little Sara and Milo are adorable. I think I’ve said this before, but I wonder how many years apart they are.
  15. No Zack, that does indeed not make any sense. None of this makes sense. You’re thirty-three episodes in, how have you not noticed that before?
  16. Okay, that first Dakota really could have picked a better spot to hide away until death than such an impenetrable place.
  17. I would not be surprised if all these tribesmen are just Dakota himself, dressed up to play a prank on the newcomer. Or they’re part of a real tribe that really can’t stand Dakota’s.
  18. The masks look fake enough that I’m tempted to put my bets on the first scenario.
  19. Yup. And those are a lot more Dakotas than I expected.
  20. Let us just reflex about how this is an episode in which one half is about a guy being duplicated endlessly through time travel anomalies and then ending up on an island with all his counterparts, while the other is about teens getting tied to a truck carrying a giant dinosaur made out of ham, with shoelaces, and with a lot more being attached on the way. What even is this show. Phineas and Ferb was sane in comparison, and that’s saying a lot.
  21. I, for one, do remember the runaway antique fire truck.
  22. So, this is the mayor of Milo’s home town – who’s entirely used to his antics. I still don’t think we know what the town is actually called.
  23. Using the shoelaces to do that was pretty impressive, Milo.
  24. ‘Did you know those plastic things on the ends of shoelaces are called ‘aglets’?’ Because it wouldn’t be a MML episode without making a Phineas and Ferb reference at a random moment.
  25. Of course Milo orders his shoes from the Dakota’s. That… that makes sense.
  26. Cannibal Dakota, Really Smelly Dakota, and Birthday Suit Dakota. For some reason this made me laugh.
  27. I do wonder what Cavendish would think about this. And yeah, what did he do to deserve all that effort? Makes me less surprised that some people apparently ship them.
Episode 34: Fungus Among Us
  1. Fungus Among Us? That refers to plants again.
  2. And this is an unusual episode. Long, and it starts with a Milo-narrated recap.
  3. Ah, the story of the 1965 adventure. And it’s quite unusual that Milo apparently knows he is in a TV show (not that breaking the fourth wall ever stopped Povenmire and Marsh before).
  4. Well, that was a very convenient landing.
  5. Thank you for your head exploding gesture, Melissa. I think that was long overdue by this point, but it’s good to see someone realizing how convoluted this is.
  6. Also, ‘beware the intern’… wasn’t there something about an intern that they mentioned when they went to the creator of Dr. Zone to get that letter from Milo in the Pistachion-themed long episode?
  7. Yeah, Milo is a pretty bad actor.
  8. Nearly naked Dakota. Not something I particularly wanted to see, thank you very much.
  9. Yes Diogee, this is one adventure on which you should actually stay home.
  10. Actually, Zack, it can’t end badly because it already ended well! I think.
  11. So Dr. Zone Files started as a show about a zoning commissioner. Wow. Just wow.
  12. Yeah, that intern is weird. Although since Dakota and Cavendish warned us to beware of him, I wonder whether we just all misunderstood what they were saying. That’s how subverted humor generally works, after all.
  13. Ah, that’s how Time Ape came about.
  14. You know, I hadn’t realized that Milo was quite this much of a fan of Dr. Zone Files – not to the extent that Sara is, at least.
  15. And Milo really shouldn’t be so star struck anymore after those two hours, considering that he just became the one who came up with all these awesome things about his favorite TV show.
  16. I must agree with Melissa. Zack’s old band members coming back to kidnap them in an episode centered on Milo’s journey to the 1960s is indeed about a 78 on a weird scale of one to ten.
  17. Ah, so the intern is involved with a pistachio plant? (Well, not involved with in the vernacular sense.) That’s intriguing. The plot thickens.
  18. ‘I thought we were doing good cop, bad cop.’ ‘And who were you, Dangerously Unstable Cop?’ The moment when Cavendish and Dakota both have more common sense than you is a moment you should be wary of, Milo.
  19. Guy with a purple shovel is nice.
  20. Well, apparently there really were good reasons to be wary of that intern. Very, very wary.
  21. That’s where the present-hand comes from. A pistachio trying to cover up his appendage. That makes MML-style sense.
  22. Who was Jody again? Also, more pistachios kidnapping people. I wonder whether Zack’s band now consists of undercover pistachios too. Somehow.
  23. So Mr. Draco was a hidden pistachio? Well, I guess not all along… right?
  24. After all, that would mean Amanda was a hidden pistachio all along, and she’s got too much of a personality of her own for that, not to mention that it would be weird for them to shut down Milo’s crush plotline at a moment when Milo isn’t even there.
  25. Wait, is Diogee actually going home? This is really a bizarre episode in which everything goes wrong, then.
  26. So… how many people in 1965 are hidden pistachios?
  27. That was a pretty elaborate scheme. Which our heroes just ran out on. Yeah, nice job breaking it, villain.
  28. Well, at least the Dr. Zone creator has weirdness to spare here. And if he’s going to use this, shouldn’t Milo know about an episode containing giant sentient plants?
  29. I like how if we hadn’t seen the start of the episode, this side of that phone conversation would still sound natural.
  30. Writing down ‘AAAA’ is pretty cool.
  31. The car is even more of a wreck than it was before, but at least they are outside of the time stream.
  32. Uh oh. I wouldn’t be running towards Zack and Melissa so fast if I were you Milo, because they don’t look natural. You know, those 1965 pistachios did a much better job blending in.
  33. Well, at least Milo caught on that they’re plants.
  34. Which doesn’t explain their attitude, or their unnatural smiles.
  35. At least Sara is still all right. And ‘I thought my dog peed you out of existence’ is a very rare sentence indeed.
  36. Well, it’s not like these plants could make Lard World any worse.
  37. Dakota’s disguise plan was pretty good, but of course then he himself just had to ruin it. At least he’s a fast talker.
  38. Cavendish and Dakota are right. Stopping this before it starts is the way to go.
  39. ‘So what did I say about Milo and a time machine?’ Melissa hands Zack a dollar bill.
  40. ‘Wait, wait. Diogee, do not go home. It’s not safe. Stay with us.’ That makes this both serious and adorable.
  41. …did Dakota just eat tiny sentient pistachio plants?
  42. I wondered for a moment whether Professor Time was actually Milo, but he would have recognized the home address in that case. I wonder whether he’s someone they know nevertheless?
  43. ‘Is that what you call being brilliant?’ ‘Hey, it works in the movies.’
  44. Milo does sound like an agent of Lard World sometimes.
  45. Giant mutated pistachio. Sure, why not.
  46. Milo Murphy’s Guide to How to Provoke Pistachio Monsters. Clever plan, nonetheless. I see where this is going.
  47. Yep. And that worked out as well as it possibly could have.
  48. Well, this is all setting up for a cliffhanger of some proportions.
  49. Looks like professor Time’s house was already infiltrated by the pistachios.
  50. …well. I was not expecting to see Heinz Doofenshmirtz there. I mean, I had heard of the PnF crossover of course, and even that there was going to be a quick clip of Doof in MML, but I did not see it coming there.
  51. Wow. Mind blown. Also, is it just me or does Doof looks slightly different in MML-style than in PnF style?
  52. There is so much to analyze here. So Doof lives here, in the same town as the Murphys and everything else… it all depends, I suppose, on how long it’s been in-universe since Phineas and Ferb ended. Wow. This is awesome. I can’t imagine what it was like for those who didn’t know it was coming at all.
  53. And since there’s still one episode left until I’m up to date, I’m guessing that that one takes place in a different time? Like a flashback? I mean, right now I can’t see the crossover as being anything other than the heroes from PnF teaming up with the heroes from MML to fight the new army of pistachios (there is something especially ridiculous about Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Heinz and Perry etc. fighting pistachios, as if bringing in characters from a slightly less zany franchise shows how wacky this premise is. Emphasis, of course, on ‘slightly’). Whom I was fully expecting to be a one-off comeback villain until I realized about two minutes before the ending that there was no way this would end here. Wow. I’m not even sure how to judge the specific episode – I suppose it was good. It’s all been pretty good, lately. And this show is so different from Phineas and Ferb in that it has a continuity in which major things shift. I imagine that that was something Povenmire and Marsh really needed to get used to at first.
Episode 35: Halloween Scream-A-Torium
  1. For some reason it took me forever to get to this, but at least after this I’m fully up to date, at least for a month or two.
  2. A Halloween special. I really should have watched this two weeks earlier… oh well. I mean, I knew that after how the last episode ended, it was going to have to be out of the continuity line somehow. I would guess that there are three scary short stories? Let’s see.
  3. Vampiric Milo looks really strange. And as always, half the fun of Halloween episodes with shows like this is how all the tropes from horror stories get lampshaded and parodied.
  4. Good that our narrator helps us stay focused. And of course Sara dressed up as Dr. Zone. I mean, it’s Sara.
  5. Melissa is right. No more bets. And I suppose from that point of view, they might as well enter an unsafe truck, because every truck that Milo enters is unsafe by default, right?
  6. Yeah, Zack is remarkably uncostumed.
  7. “Aren’t we a little too old” – wrong show to ask age-related questions, Zack.
  8. Like I said before, Sara is… well, Sara.
  9. Okay, that would have at least startled me. Zack’s composure is most impressive.
  10. Zack has a Halloween-related traumatizing backstory? Why not.
  11. Yeah, it’s always important to keep zombies and vampires separate. Also, who wants to bet that everything in here is going to fail to frighten Zack, but Murphy’s Law will? Yeah, Melissa is right. No more bets.
  12. ‘I’ve heard this dream before, she says no.’ ‘Well, she might have said yes this time!’ ‘In your dreams.’ ‘Well, yes, obviously, but now we will never know!’ This is both funny and very relatable. Poor Cavendish.
  13. The last Halloween? One would think that’s a mystery worth solving more than the pistachios. Maybe that should have been their mission from the start. Will Halloween’s demise be Murphy-related?
  14. Poor Brick and Savannah. Still, it’s impressed that they somehow got dressed in costume under the snow.
  15. Those time grenades are so going to backfire on everyone.
  16. The ghastly chamber of ghastliness? Really?
  17. ‘It’s so terrifying I can hardly believe we’re just sitting in Milo’s driveway.’ Yeah… you should have known that you were never going to stay there for long. Now I wonder whether this’ll be one of those episodes in which all sorts of freakish things happen to the truck but no one inside is the wiser, Zack isn’t scared, and the truck somehow ends up back home with Zack not scared at all, and then maybe he ends up scared by something minor? That’s an honest guess, no foreknowledge involved at this point. Just genre savviness.
  18. Sara is afraid of a lot, it seems.
  19. That contrast between the music around the truck and Elliot’s bike, though.
  20. All those Mr. Draco-related jokes, though.
  21. It’s great that there’s a kid with a platypus costume.
  22. Well, at least Dakota and Cavendish are perceptive enough to realize that they got the holiday wrong (albeit in a very funny way).
  23. Of course this would be what the song is all about. It’s decent, and it somehow feels very Phineas and Ferb-y. And it’s, as always, impressive, that Povenmire keeps Dakota’s voice so distinctly Dakota’s and not Doofenshmirtz’s even while singing a song.
  24. And of course they dress up as Phineas and Ferb, too. Why not?
  25. Well, this is the moment where the trip really goes sour.
  26. I guess I was wrong. Zack did find out. Maybe in a twist, none of the others will and they won’t believe that he’s traumatized about what really happened but they’ll think it was about something inside the truck after all?
  27. Nope – Milo, at least, also figures it out.
  28. It’s called a cliffhanger. Nice use of it. And I suppose that means it’s just the one-off, rather than the three short stories I expected. More like Excaliferb than Tri-State Trilogy of Terror, then.
  29. Of course you’re not the man, Zack. It wasn’t even your backpack, remember?
  30. Well, at least Melissa and Sara are enjoying themselves.
  31. Those two don’t know everything about each other, apparently. And I’m pretty sure dragging an entire truck back up a cliff like that isn’t actually possible.
  32. Like I said, at least Melissa and Sara are enjoying themselves. ‘The girls’ as Zack put it, which reminds me that this is a familiar pattern from PnF in episodes where it would be Phineas-Ferb-Candace-Isabella. Main heroes, plus main character’s older sister, plus girl who might have crush on main character. (Okay, with Isabella it was never ambiguous. Still, the pattern is there, isn’t it?)
  33. When will Elliot ever become genre savvy enough to realize that Milo and Zack aren’t actually trying to commit safety violations? That they are on a runaway truck?
  34. Swapped pumpkins? Time for Dakota and Cavendish to realize and panic in three, two, one…
  35. Although Cavendish is right to chew Dakota out for ten minutes, they could have spent those ten minutes, you know, finding the pumpkin with the time grenade.
  36. Isn’t there some sort of tracking device on the time grenade?
  37. I love Zack’s expression and Milo’s casual attitude as they wipe the candy off with the windshield wipers.
  38. And the ‘Empty Warehouse’.
  39. Don’t you guys live near Danville, Sara? You shouldn’t be surprised by the laws of physics being broken.
  40. Zack, you shouldn’t respond to a lot of these things.
  41. At least Mort is self-aware enough to know they are bad at planning parties… and Milo, Zack, Sara and Melissa are there to help them out.
  42. Glad to see everyone likes the truck, even if none of that candy is really, you know, edible anymore.
  43. Of course Dakota was going to miss catching the time grenade. Cavendish’ facial expression makes it. This would be a good ‘people who have never seen this show explain what’s happening’ screenshot.
  44. So Dakota and Cavendish caused leap years. That’s great. And I love the visit to Rome and ‘beware the Ides of March’. Even if the ides was technically not a holiday.
  45. Is Sara even scared just from looking at Milo now?
  46. Yeah, Zack really should have put more trust in Milo’s ability to terrify him.
  47. This show is so random. And I’ve really come to enjoy the theme song – opening and ending version – by now.
  48. This episode was pretty good, by the way. Zack certainly learned some morals about horror, the girls remained oblivious throughout, and I didn’t manage to guess all the plot twists. It was fun and entertaining. And now I’m really curious how next year’s fight against the Pistachions will play out. Although I did hear there’s a Christmas episode first, so that ought to be good too.
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2017.03.10 18:46 jafetsigfinns My 21st Century Eurovision Top 250 - Lithuanian Non-Qualifiers (27th Cut)

Original Thread. Here comes the next cut of my prequalifying rounds to a Top 250 rankdown.
Here are the countries I've covered already: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia
From one baltic country to the next, it's time to cover Lithuania. I.. I gotta be honest it's not good news. There's gonna be a lot of casualties here because in all honesty Lithuania has never had an outstanding good song in Eurovision – or at least not one that I like enough to qualify. Remember when I said Latvia was tied with another country for most songs in the bottom 100? Well turns out it's their neighbour to the south that they share that title with lol. Lithuania is not in quite as good of a position as their neighbour on the country ranking though, since they place 44th out of 48 countries. Oops.
595th – "Nomads In The Night" by Jeronimas Milius (2008)
I'm pretty sure my ears are bleeding after listening to this disaster of a song. The way he uses his voice on the low notes should be considered a criminal offense.
587th – "Attention" by Vilija Matačiūnaitė (2014)
This song is the type of song that may sound like a good idea on paper but ends up a total disaster once actually performed. The thing is, most of the things Vilija is trying to do here only make sense on a produced track because she can't make that "d-d-d-d-down" sound without it sounding like she's having a stroke. I honestly can't believe this got past the brainstorming sessions.
578th – "C'est Ma Vie" by Evelina Sašenko (2011)
Where is the snooze button? Someone wake me up once she's stopped singing because there's no way I can keep myself awake for the duration of this song.
577th – "We Are The Winners" by LT United (2006)
Ok, I'll admit I'm a bit biased on hating this song simply because this made it to the final when Silvia Night didn't. It's also because the lyrics are so unoriginal that it's not even funny. All they sing in this song is the same f**kin' lyrics over and over again. This song is the results of 6 dads coming together one night and being like 'lol guys how funny would it be if we auditioned for Eurovision' but then for some reason they actually made it to the main stage because LT just doesn't give a fuck. Silvia Night deserved to qualify above this uninspired crap.
548th – "Something" by Andrius Pojavis (2013)
Lol what. 'Because of my shoes, that I'm wearing today'. Yes, that's an actual bit of lyrics from this song lmao. I'm not sure what this reminds me of but I remember it felt incredibly dated in the 2013 contest. The only redeeming thing about this is the fact that the singer is kind of cute in a he-used-to-be-lame-but-now-he's-kind-of-hot kind of way. The song still sucks though.
533rd – "Love" by Sasha Son (2009)
Ugh, you guys aren't making it easy on me with all these suck-ass songs. Something about this singer gets a bit on my nerves and he kind of reminds me of that prick from High School Musical (you know – Ashley Tisdale's brother) which only adds to the unappealingness of this song. The song itself isn't that bad but it's extremely forgettable and he looks like such a pretentious douche that it's hard for me to like this.
526th – "Love or Leave" by 4Fun (2007)
Wow what a misleading name of that band. '4Fun' sounds like they're supposed to keep you having fun instead of sucking all of it away. This is just another boring ballad in a sea of forgotten Eurovision ballads over the years. NEXT!
486th – "What's Happened To Your Love?" by Linas and Simone (2004)
Very early 2000s in every single way. From the fact that he's wearing sunglasses inside and has massive fake tan to the fact that she's wearing the same dress almost every female singer wore from 2004 – 2006. The song itself is nothing spectacular and in fact just kind of boring and repetitive.
449th – "You Got Style" by Skamp (2001)
Well, this is ok I guess, but it's not really anything spectacular. Ok by 2001 standards but very forgettable nonetheless. The rap part in the middle is easily the weirdest thing about this rather weird entry. It's pretty inoffensive still. The beat is kinda groovy.
437th – "Eastern European Funk" by InCulto (2010)
Here's a song I've really floated as far a long as I possibly could. The thing is I kind of like this song but I also kind of hate it. Lithuania has a thing for quirky weird entries and here's one of their quirkiest and weirdest. It kind of worked but then it didn't because honestly you can only take so much of this weirdness. There's not much going on onstage which is really InCulto's downfall because if they had something happening on stage it might have kept me interested much longer than it did.
382nd – "This Time" by Monika Linkyté and Vaidas Baumila (2015)
When I first heard this I was unimpressed but after a few listens this has gotten much better and it's actually kind of .. cute. But the fact still remains that it competed in a very tough year which pushes this down a lot based on the fact it's not even in the top half of the year. The kiss was pretty funny and I liked the fact that the guy dancers kissed as well as the girl dancers which was unexpected. Overall this is pretty cute but easily forgotten. I'm kind of glad this qualified though, because Monika and Vaidas look like genuinely nice people.
376th – "Love Is Blind" by Donny Montell (2012)
Donny's first time on the Eurovision stage was a strange one and very different from his second time. This is obviously showing some massive 80's vibes which kind of works but then he has to go on and ruin it with his awkward 'little cousin' dancing lmao. No seriously does he not remind you of your 12 year old cousin at the family party showing off his moves? Lmao. He's not quite the heartthrob here that he was in 2016, but still kind of a cutie. Unfortunately for Donny though my love for music is not blind and this is not good enough to get any further than this.
372nd – "Little By Little" by Laura and the Lovers (2005)
For most other countries this would never be the third highest placing song but we're covering Lithuania which is obnoxiously mediocre in Eurovision (note: this is purely the author's opinion and not a claimed as a fact). 'Little By Little' is a fun little pop song from a time when Eurovision was finally picking up the slack, so this is not even among the best of 2005 but it is still cute and Laura is definitely a decent enough singer. The lyrics are standard and nothing groundbreaking. The song is, overall, alright.
356th – "Happy You" by Aivaras (2002)
Here's a rare actually kind of fun 2002 song. This is by no means a masterpiece but it's fun and it literally has the word 'happy' in the name. The melody is fun and the beat is nice to dance to .. by 2002 standards that is. I think it says a lot about my views on Lithuania in Eurovision that this is my 2nd highest placed lithuanian song lol. The chorus is definitely what makes this song and it's definitely hard not to dance to this. Happy me makes a happy you.
256th – "I've Been Waiting For This Night" by Donny Montell (2016)
What in the world happened to Donny Montell between 2012 and 2016 because this boy just grew into a HUNK. Song-wise he also upgraded by a mile. Although the song is pretty generic it's still fun and much more listenable than 'Love Is Blind'. It has this kind of anthemic feel to it which is great and this all makes much more sense for Donny. Unfortunately it falls just a little bit short from making it through (by only 6 spots, oops) and thus crushes Lithuania's hopes of winning this list in one swift move as Mr. Montell is the final Lithuanian act to drop off the list.
Lithuanian Qualifiers · 0 out of 15
Yep. No qualifiers out of a field of 15 competitors. It's not all bad, as LT has some good songs but none of them are good enough unfortunately. It was tough cutting Donny's second outing but it is what it is and unfortunately in my opinion Lithuania is just not that great at Eurovision. There's still hope for y'all though!
submitted by jafetsigfinns to eurovision [link] [comments]

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2016.11.16 06:43 Bigmacccc With a bid of $70,000 Forrest MacNeil won a date with Ashley Tisdale. Heres how it went.

With a bid of $70,000 Forrest MacNeil won a date with Ashley Tisdale. Heres how it went. submitted by Bigmacccc to videos [link] [comments]

2016.07.28 19:22 ImaBlue Ashley Tisdale Dishes on Double Dating with BFF Vanessa Hudgens

Ashley Tisdale Dishes on Double Dating with BFF Vanessa Hudgens submitted by ImaBlue to ImABlue [link] [comments]

2014.03.28 02:12 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hello! It's me, Andy Daly from television. You may know me from Eastbound & Down or Reno 911 or Comedy Central’s Review, which airs tonight at 10/9c. I’m here to answer your questions!

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Date: 2014-03-27
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Have you ever considered using Forrest MacNeil as a podcast character, maybe to promote his own show? Also, when are we going to know more about the fight between good and evil that was revealed on CBB #274??? Scott, Jason and I fully intend to finish what was started in the Gil & Golly episode. I'd look for it this summer!
Can we bring out the girls? I encourage it.
Don DiMello and Cactus Tony for #TrueDetectiveSeason2? YES YES YES YES YES! Does HBO read these things?
I've really been enjoying Review so far. Something I was curious about: how did you settle on divorce for so early in the season instead of holding something that huge for one of the last few episodes? Honestly, the original intention was to get Forrest out of his marriage early so we could see him explore more sexual encounters! But once we started writing, he found that the real benefit of doing the divorce so early was seeing these two characters continue to interact after that massive event.
Any news on another Podcast Pilot Project season? The first run is some of the funniest stuff I've heard anywhere and I'd love to hear more. It's hard to say. I was able to do these 8 bc I had a pocket of time where I was contractually prevented from doing much else! That may well happen again. Lord knows it was fun. The annoying answer is I just don't know.
Will you review the process of doing an AMA when you're finished? 1/5-5 stars, of course. Yes I will!
Okay I am ready to issue my review of doing an AMA: It is always a pleasure to hear from people who know and like my work. I don't think I got one rude question in fact. And most of them were thoughtful and interesting. I regret not making more jokes but I was mainly interested in addressing as many questions as possible and jokes, while funny, take more time than simply telling the truth. I am slightly concerned that I was boring and, as I always am when it comes to the internet, I'm a little queasy about the permanence of this session. I also knocked over a glass of water mid way through this and while that's hardly the fault of the AMA, it has diminished the experience. I am now quite thirsty. All in all, I give this 4 out of 5 stars and I will certainly do it again.
Without looking it up, what is the full name of your podcast? The Andy Dooley Pickled Pirate Parade. Tougher questions please!
Did you really eat all those pancakes? I ate the equivalent of about 1 pancake, spitting the rest into a bucket. But I probably drank about a gallon of Aunt Jemima and I kind of still taste it.
How did you first meet Scott Aukerman? How did you come to being such a frequent guest on Comedy Bang Bang? I think Matt Besser recommended me for Scott's show at M Bar and I met him that way. I'm just lucky that Scott asked me to come and do CBB so often. He's a sweetie!
I'm loving Review, such a genuinely funny show. Any notable guest stars making an appearance during the remainder of this season? Tonight is Ashley Tisdale and Andy Richter. Fred Willard is back next week as is Lance Bass! Then we have Jason Mantzoukis, Betsy Sodaro, Emo Phillips, Andy Blitz, Maria Thayer. All GREAT!
How much darker does Review get? I think the Divorce episode might've been one of the saddest things I've ever laughed at. Well, it gets real damn dark. Episode 5 is kind of infinitely dark. But funny too!!
Andy, I love your work, especially your distinct characters on comedy band bang and the podcast pilot project. When you create characters where do you start (voice/premise/ticks)? Do you improvise and build traits and philosophies for them or is it usually a well thought out person before you begin? I start with a comedy premise, like lecherous creep directing a children's show. Then I match it up with a voice I know how to do. Then I come up with tons of depraved crap that makes me borderline sick and then I know I've GOT IT!
Hi Andy, I love your work, from Nine Sweaters to Comedy Bang Bang to Review. What are you most afraid of? Dying broke and alone! Ha ha HA!
Hi Andy! I am a huge fan of your work! I love all of your interviews! You are so polite and so friendly! what do you do to blow off steam? I have no steam! Fuck you for asking!!
What's your Hunter S. Thompson story that inspired the scene in review by the campfire? Ha! I met him once and he thought I was a cop and had me kicked out of a party. Halloween night, 1998. Pete's Tavern, NY.
Do you feel like your type of comedy (podcast, characters, improv, etc.) has been accepted by the "stand up" community? I do actually. Those old walls are crumbling down. I'm happily surprised by how often stand ups seem to appreciate what I do. Good question.
Hi Andy, I'm a big fan! What is your favorite character you've played? (For me it's a tie between Cutler and Ben Franklin.) (Also, love the new show!!) Thanks. Those were both great but I think Forrest MacNeil is the funnest blend of clueless, dumb, earnest, silly, arrogant. It's been a blast to play him.
The Benjamin Franklin episode of the Office is one of my very favorites. Do you have any fun memories from shooting that episode? Also, what's it like to have your face in basically every subway station in NYC right now? Looking forward to watching the new show! Believe it or not, I never made it into the subway on my recent trip to NY so I didn't see those ads. Just as well though, because I think that would have freaked me out. It's real weird (but in a good way). That week at the Office was the best. I had fun with everyone but I'm especially fond of the scene where Gordon finally breaks character to hit on Pam.
The combination of you and Mantzoukas together on Comedy Bang Bang is pure gold. Had you worked together before you started appearing together on CBB? It's incredible the way you just roll with anything and everything they throw at you on those episodes! That's funny. We had not done much together. An improvised show or two I guess at UCB. But not that much. It is awfully fun to work with him on CBB.
Been waiting for this all day! I think you're one of the funniest people ever, and you were actually in the first live improv show I ever saw (it was awesome, obviously). My question: Review seems like such a perfect fit for you- did you have to audition with many other people for it? How early on in development did you get involved? No auditions thank God! Comedy Central saw the Australian version and thought of me for the American adaptation. I was in from the start.
Mr. Daly, I'm a huge fan of yours. I recently went to the live taping of your season finale of your podcast (I yelled out Bonobo's and Square Space for limerick ideas). As a young actor, I marvel at how you can come up with all these specific characters and I try to use it in all of my work at UCBLA. When creating a character, how much do you come up with beforehand and how much do you come up on the spot? Do you have a basic idea of the character and then just roll with it, or are those specific details carefully plotted out? Dip-di-da-dip-waaa! Lots of people wondering about this but it's a hard one to nail down because it's always different. I usually go into a CBB with a few things about the character that I think it'll be funny to say and a voice I know I can do and a reason for this person to be here today. Then we just improvise and often don't even get to the things I came prepared to say. I think with Gil and Golly, all I knew is that I wanted to do a ventriloquist with an unhealthy relationship to his puppet and I was sort of thinking of Uncle Floyd and Oogie (NJ reference). The rest was improvised.
Does it feel weird having such rabid fans of your appearances on podcasts? It is not something I ever imagined I would experience but I love it. It's great to feel like people get you and are, if I may, picking up what you're putting down.
Long time fan, first time question asker...I saw you in Chicago at comedy show milling around and I was too scared to ask you for your autograph or a picture and it is one of the greatest regrets of my life! Are you generally bothered by such interactions? I truly truly love them. Next time...
What do you think of the original Australian Review with Myles Barlow? I love it so much! God it is dark, surprising and funny. People should check it out.
Hi Andy! I'd like to thank you for all of the joy you bring into my life with your comedy and I hope the Andy Daly Podcast Poodle Pumpernickel will return in one way or another (today's episode was a gem). I also hope the battle between good and evil goes well whenever that goes down. Oh yeah, I forgot about him. He should come back. Thanks!
Your Jack Fitzgerald gadfly character during that live CBB episode was hysterical. Do you have any plans to bring him back in another podcast? That was totally serious btw. Sounded sarcastic. But I did forget about him.
In your Gill an Golly CBB episode recently did you intend on it ending as wild as it did. How much of involving Cactus Tony or Don Dimello was pre planned or did it just end up there? None of that was planned at all. That episode was the least planning I'd ever done before a CBB episode.
Hey, always love you on Improv4Humans and obviously on Review. What was your biggest struggle financially, mentally, and creatively? I think it might be this question.
Holy crap its Andy Daly! This is a wonderful surprise because I didn't know this was happening today! Okay I have loved the Comedy Bang Bang appearances and the Podcast Pilot Project so much. I simply cannot stop listening to those episodes. 1) I have got to know; does your wife listen to your appearances? You mentioned on the latest episode that she listened to the Don Dimelo PPP, but what about the other ones? 2) Will you ever let your kid listen to how hilarious you are on those episodes? Funny questions! My wife has actually only recently started listening to what I've been up to in the podcast world and she's enjoying it. She's not a big computers person really. It'll take her a while but she'll probably listen to all the ADPPP eps. Her insights are always fascinating. As for my kids, yeah I'd love for them to discover everything I've done someday. Like when they're 30. It'll be weird!
I was at Bonnaroo a few years ago and you did your all set up no content bit and it fucking killed me and my friends, SO HILARIOUS! Though it seemed to go over most the rest of the crowd's head, as others were looking at us cracking up like we were crazy! WTF! Did that happen other times with that bit? Yes! That has happened 3 times with that bit and they are seared into my memory. One was at the Shout Factory xmas party a few years ago, the other was Bonnaroo and the last was at some Persian Cultural Center event that Omid Djallili asked me to do. Crickets, applause when I said I was wrapping up. I kind of love when that but bombs though.
What was it like working with a whole cast of funny people (McBride, Robinson, Ferrell) on Eastbound and Down? Amazing. Of those three I only had scenes with Danny but he is one hell of a great actor and improviser and it was always super fun to work with him. I especially love the scene on the pitchers mound with him & Stevie.
Would you ever consider doing a dramatic role? Sure. Review kind of feels like one at times.
I do Bill Carter's workout routine every morning. Am I a mortal? No.
What is your favorite movie? Tie: Dr. Strangelove and Midnight Run.
What's your personal favorite episode of your podcast pilot project? I think my favorite podcast eps are: Dalton, Chip, August, Hot Dog & Patrick. I'm proud of all of them, they're all full of great moments and great performances but those ones seemed to click in a different way maybe. But if I re-listen, I could change my mind.
What about for Review? As for Review, I love them all really but 8 and 9 are very special to me. And of course 3.
Had you ever thought about what it would be like to be a celebrity? Now that you are, do you enjoy being recognized? I do really. It's very nice to have strangers tell you out of the blue that you're doing a good job. As a young man I imagined it would be non-stop cocaine and blow jobs and no real world responsibilities. So it's different from that, but I still like it.
Hey Andy, really enjoying Review, really funny! In a recent interview, maybe with Elvis Mitchell, you were talking about the distinction between your more straight acting work, and the out there character stuff you've created -- Review being sort of a meeting point. The character stuff works really well on podcasts, with more time to develop with improvisation and "openess" of just audio... do you think those characters and their realities could survive in their own movies or tv shows? or would that just be a huge mistake? Dalton Wilcox: Vampire Hunter video game? I don't know for sure but I'd love to try.
Hey Andy, I was a fan of yours on Mad TV back in the day and was elated to find you again through podcasts a few years ago. Whenever I download a podcast that you are on I am so excited because I know it'll be a good ep. The characters you create are so much fun to listen to and I'm glad that you were finally able to get your own television show and have a wider audience. What was your favorite segment of Review to do? I think we knew we were up to something special with the divorce review and Jeff Blitz, our esteemed director, really dug into that one with extra enthusiasm. I also loved Road Rage a lot. But there's a review in episode 9, the first one of the episode. Man, I love it so and I can't wait for people to see it.
Can we hope that Forrest MacNeil will be revisiting his immunity to cocaine addiction in the future? Is it safe to assume you and Natasha Leggero are mortal enemies after she beat you and Rob Corddry on @midnight? Edit: formatting/added questions. We can't rule out a relapse I'm afraid. And, truth be told, I haven't spoken to either of those guys since we taped that. I did steal some of their jokes too. They might be mad.
Hi Andy, I love your work on TV and CCB! Review is hilarious, I'm loving every episode. I would like to know how the adaption process went. Were you in close contact with the creators of Review with Myles Barlow? Were they cool dudes? Was it hard working with upside people? We talked to them a bunch. They are very cool, sweet guys.
Hi TV's Andy Daly! Are there any Andy Dalys in other businesses? I'm assuming you're the one on the TV. The Mayor of Vail CO is named Andy Daly. I keep up with him when googling myself.
What was the first exciting thing you got to show to your parents, to let them know you were making it big out there? (P.S. Thank you for all the laughs, Andy!) I recently got to take them to Times Square and show them my big fat face on a digital billboard for Review. Unfortunately it was too cold to stand there all day and admire me. God damn polar vortex!
What's its like to have been on a show based on one of the greatest magazine's of all time? Did you feel like there was a heavy heavy weight on you, like you need to get this right? Thanks! You mean Mad-TV? I don't recall anyone ever trying to get that right.
See now, I instantly regret that snarky answer. Some people tried to get it right but "right" was never really defined there, in my opinion.
Review has become one of my favorite shows. What goes into making an episode? Do you have input? Is it scripted? You're great! It is scripted and I was there writing on it everyday. A lot goes into it. Jeff Blitz, Andy Blitz and I did a Nerdist Writers Panel episode. Check it out. We talk a lot about the process and the challenges.
How much jewelry should I buy my wife? Twice as much as you buy your horse and three times as much as you buy you dog, I'd say.
Hey Andy, What was your favorite part about filming Eastbound & Down in North Carolina? Did you ever make it to SHABOOM SHABOOMS? What about the Redneck Riviera (Myrtle Beach)? Oh I loved it all. I brought my wife and kid, we rented a house by the beach, I only worked 21 days in 6 weeks and when I did, it was a dream job. Oh and Sweet and Savor. That place is delicious!
Any chance you'd ever do any shows in the UK? It seems like whenever I see a discussion about your comedy on the internet around half the participants are brits, so I assume you have a bunch of fans over here. I would love to! I tried to do a run in Edinburgh last year but couldn't make it work schedule-wise. I think I ought to get out there soon. I'd like to have a word with that layabout Prince Harry too. Yep, that settles it. I'm going!
Delocated was such a fantastic show. How did you end up in it? Had you known Jon Glaser prior to being cast? Jon Glaser put me in skecthes he wrote on Conan in the 90s, most notably the satellite channel sketch called "Lonely CHIPS". And then he thought of me for Bryce Grieke. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever been involved in.
Glaser put me in skecthes of his at Conan in the 90s, most notably the satellite channel "Lonely CHIPS". Look for it! That's how we met. And he thought of me for Bryce Grieke, one of the great character names of all times. So weirdly real.
How long did it take to get Review to air, from your first inkling of it to premiere? I first saw the Australian Review in the summer of 2009 and was free to do it two years later. Then it's taken till now to get it on the air. Jeez!
How was The Swarm formed? Andy Seconda and Michael Delaney made up lists of their favorite improvisers and then asked Amy Poehler if she'd direct that group. She said yes and I was lucky enough to be on Andy's list.
When improvising as a character is there a moment in your head where you're actively thinking "what would this guy say to that?" before you say something, or can you just flip the switch to be Hot Dog and you're good? I think that process is ongoing all the time when in character. I guess through practice, you just learn to answer that question very quickly.
Did you develop these characters for comedy bang bang or did you do them before? Also, I love your track on the old comedy death ray cd. It's a mix of both. The early characters were ones I had previously done. Lately, they've been developed for the podcast.
What advice would you give to aspiring performers for creating such great characters? Eavesdrop, read obituaries, talk to yourself whenever you're alone, try out voices, get onstage and let an audience tell you what's funny.
Are you proud of the sacrifices you made in your lifetime? Why are you talking about my life in the past tense?! Am I in danger?!!!
Why are you talking about my life in the last tense?! Am I in danger?!!!
I watched you on Conan the other night. Did Jeff Garlin annoy you with holding up the time cards and interrupting or were you ok with it? Both. I knew that was going to happen. I've worked with him before. But it was as annoying as it was meant to be.
Hi Andy! Huge fan of your CBB work and I've just started watching Review! The show looks amazing and seems to fit your comedy style quite well. How long have you known Scott Aukerman? The chemistry you have between each other on each podcast seems so effortless. I guess I met Scott in about 2003 at the M Bar in Los Angeles. He was nice enough to put me up and very encouraging of my odd character comedy nonsense.
Hi Andy! Love Review! You remind me a lot of comedy great Martin Short. I was wondering who are some of your comedy heroes and influences and is there anyone in particular you'd like to have guest on Review? Thanks for doing this! Funny you should say that. I was totally obsessed with Martin Short as a 14 year old comedy aspirant. There are so many people I'd love to have on Review. Can't even start with that!
What's the strangest thing you review that we've yet too see? The strangest review is in episode 7 but I don't want to give it away. Orgy gets pretty nuts.
Is there any way we could sugest something for Forrest to review? If yes I propose crippling debt. Stay tuned...
Adventure Time is an amazing show. What was it like working with them, and are they as cool as their TV show? Absolutely. Total sweethearts. I love that show.
Is it just me, or does anyone else think she probably smells like strawberries all the time? Close. Raspberries.
I'm not gonna lie and suck on your balls by saying I'm familiar with all your work, but goddamn if you weren't perfect on eastbound and down. So thank you for that performance. Only completely honest ball-sucking please. And thank you.
I just need to know if Cactus Tony is alive. I know he's not in charge of the daycare anymore, but I gotta believe he's still out there covered in snakeskin. I believe he is alive.
LOVED your interview on Nerdist! Maybe the most polite, down-to-earth celeb I've heard on there! Looking forward to following more of your work- keep it up! -Also An Andy. Thank you. I thought I was too braggy so that's nice to hear.
Why does every review of Review talk about how nonthreatening/plain you look. Seems a little fucked up! Thank you. Some pointed letters to the editor might help. Please write some! Actually I take it as a weird compliment. Forrest is meant to look awkward and I like to think he maybe looks more awkward than I do in real life? Hm. I don't know.
I really just want to say thanks for the laughs! But then I will also ask if you have any terrible stories from your MadTV days. Almost all MadTV alums seem to have some kind of weird tale. I think the most terrible thing was that when I arrived for my second season everyone seemed to instant regret bringing me back. That was just the vibe from the honchos and it was confusing and distressing. But it was also 12 years ago and I'm mostly over it!
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2013.04.14 22:40 949paintball 949paintball: #111 - Scary Movie 5 (2013)

Date viewed: 4/13/2013
Date started: 1/1/2013
Throw some big names into a movie and it doesn't matter what happens, right? Far too many producers think like this. And if you haven't judged yet by my phrasing, it is a terrible way to make movies. Especially when many of the "big names" are big for controversial reasons, looking at you Charlie.
Anyway, if you somehow have never heard of "Scary Movie," it is a parody film series, primarily poking fun at, well, scary movies. The story is never great, usually filled with poop jokes, penis jokes, and everything else the teenagers love. So, if you're above the age of 16, you probably don't like the movies.
The first four installments featured Cindy Campbell ,played by Anna Faris, as the main character. Having a lead character kept the series somewhat enjoyable, so now we find problem number 1 of this film: Anna Faris is nowhere to be found. Now we have Jody, played by Ashley Tisdale, as the main character. The first ten minutes of seeing Tisdale on screen I was trying to figure out where I had last seen her. It was the Suite Life of Zach and Cody. A huge difference. But good for her for trying to get new roles! Now her next goal should be to find a good role. Most other characters in the film were rappers, or actors with a past.
Some moments in this film were funny, I'll give it that. But it definitely not worth the price of admission. It's like they didn't even try. Maybe we can put a stop to these terrible parody films, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. With the absence of any past character returning, a complete neglect of plot structure, then not even being funny, I have to say this film isn't worth watching.
Rating: 3/10
IMDb Page
Wiki Page
Discussion topic: What is the best parody movie you have seen?
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2012.11.05 15:27 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: as requested: I am someone who spent time in "the hole" while incarcerated AMA!

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Date: 2012-10-29
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Link to my post
Questions Answers
Weren't you scared that ghosts might be in there with you and there's nothing you can do about it? I specialize in training psychic type pokemon. I aint afraid of no ghost.
You're my hero The one you need, but not the one you deserve.
Wait... psychic pokemon are vulnerable to ghost. To fight ghost you need dark type. or more ghosts. Oh. my bad I thought it was the other way around. I havent played the game since I was ten years old. I just recently discovers roms and emulators and started playing again. i guess i still have much to learn.
I lived a similar life until about 6 months ago, although I just turned 20. so I kinda get how you feel trying to fix up your life a bit. I still smoke (both =]) but I have gotten away from dealing and the hard drugs. I kinda like it but I do miss the cash, especially being unemployed, out of school, starting college and all its tough. any advice for a stupid kid tryin a new life out? I had it a lot easier than most. even though i grew up poor with my mom in florida. my dads family is really wealthy and owns a successful business. there was always a job for me, but i wanted to do my own thing. the best advice i could give is reinvent yourself. pretend it never happened. analyze your surroundings and adapt to them the best you can. only when you find a trusted friend or significant other should you share details of your past. try to stay clean enough to pass a drug test (ive always been able to cheat). it would help if i knew more. what part of the world do you live in? what do you want to do with you life?
What did you think you regret the things you did to get there? Are you trying to change now? I thought about how fucking hungry I was. the trustees that bring the food would steal off your tray, and you cant do a damn thing about it behind that steel door. I regret being reckless, I could have done things a lot smarter. and I've completely done a 180. I moved 1000 miles away, got a good job working for my uncles company, and settled down with a nice girl and a small orange kitten.
For some reason I read kitchen instead of kitten. The kitchen is her favorite room.
Pics of kitten please. Link to Link to Link to Link to
"and a small orange kitten" Adorbsies. You should see her. shes super photogenic. I posted a pic of her in cats and it got like 600+ up votes.
Obviously, but what's the cat's favorite room? My room. She insists that the computer chair is her throne.
Did you get the tattoos before, after, or during your stint in the joint? Follow-up: do people call it "the joint" still? All of the above.
This is going to be the post that defined this IAmA. Cat pictures? Lol.
I hear female orange tabbies are pretty rare. Was she a gutter cat? I got her from an animal shelter in SE Ohio. I didn't know they were rare. I was going to get an older cat. But when I walked past her cage she hit me in the nose. I took her out and she was so playful. I fell in love
What tattoos? Pm me for pics.
I'm afraid so. Fuck it. I love that cat. My little karma machine.
I always thought if I went to prison I'd rather be in solitary than around a bunch of inmates that might rape/kill me, at least that's what I thought from watching those prison documentaries and seeing how the inmates can act. Does that point of view make sense, or am I missing something big here? Its not like the movies at all. Nobody gets raped. Well maybe sometimes, but its not a common thing anymore. theres so many young punks that will give booty away or sell booty. Plus, most guys are there for petty shit and are only doing a few months to a few years, they just wanna do their time and go home. plus it wasnt a very big city, everyone knows eachother (especially the criminals) they dont want people telling stories about how they fucked some guy in jail because he couldnt get pussy for a couple years (many redditors go even longer LOL). I would much rather be in population. thats where you can make money, you can gamble, get some dope, watch tv, listen to the radio, ect. that solitary shit is for the birds.
Day one, I will still straight-up ask for the hole for the entire duration of my sentence. General population in prison terrifies me. Empty cells and being stir-crazy, less so. Lol don't be scared!!!
How prevalent are drugs in there and how would you go about getting them? What drugs if so? It all depends on where you're at. Weed was hard to get. I've seen people get ecstasy in there. Though I don't know why anyone would wanna roll in a cage full I dudes. I've seen Xanax and Oxys in there. Pills are easier to get in there because they're small, odorless and easily disposed of. They come in either from new inmates who hide it in their suitcase, dirty cops who sell it in there and via mail. Sometimes through visitation too.
Are you always thrown in, making sure to fall on the floor & then the warden says something dramatic to you before slamming the door? Not at all. two guards walk you to the door. you get in, stick your hand through the food flap so they can uncuff you. and thats it.
What drugs did you deal? What charges? Still at it? Over the years it changed with whatever was more popular. I sold mostly coke and a little weed and ecstasy. Then when I got out the first time on 2009 it was all about oxys. My only drug charge was trafficking cocaine in a school zone. And no I'm out of that lifestyle.
What was the first thing that ran through your mind when that door shut? "fuck"
I say that every morning I have to get up and go to work. Me too, especially today. It's freezing.
Why were you sent to the hole? How many times? What were you imprisoned for, and for how long? Where? Do you think that solitary confinement is as bad as physical torture? Are you allowed to have anything to read in the hole? I was getting oxycontin mailed to me. somebody found out and snitched on me when I refused to break them off. when they COs searched my property they found some gambling material and I have "contraband". I had too many pieces of mail. I was pissed! I've only been in the hole once. I was in there for cocaine trafficking. I only ended up doing like a year. This was in south florida. and no I would rather be in the hole than be physically abused. and no, you are not allowed anything to read other than a bible. nothing to read but a bible, a redditors nightmare.
Did you end up reading the bible at all? I figure religious or not, if I only have one book to read I'm gunna read it. If so, did it it affect you in any way, either positive or negative? I tried. you know a books bad if youd rather stare at the wall than read it. the only part i enjoyed was psalms. because it was basically poetry.
I'm sorry you can't call the bible a bad book. Thats my personal opinion. so i can call it whatever i want.
your a lifetimer criminal. In my book, that makes you more retarded than the retards. Actually I left that life and have been doing very well for myself ever since. the most "criminal" thing I do is smoke pot in my home after work. I grew up in certain circumstances and made bad decisions as a kid. and while you find my not enjoying the bible offensive, I'm sure most people would find you calling other people "retard" much more offensive. My mother works with special needs children and that word is not appreciated. prepare to be downvoted to hell.
It's funny, because people get mad when you said you don't like their book. It's almost like telling a kid his favorite game sucks. Pure joy! For real dude. on the atheism section i see some shit that even makes me feel bad for christians. all i said was i didnt enjoy reading the bible and got called retarded...this is why the rest of the world looks down on america. i hate most christians.
The only book you are only allowed to read is the Bible, but you're allowed to write? That seems strange. What did people do to get books, food, etc smuggled in to them? Did you see or hear someone in solitary absolutely lose it? Did anyone in solitary drive you berserk by singing Xmas carols or Nickelback? I don't see how that's bizarre. It's illegal for the state to deny us the right to written correspondence. So a pen and parchment is a legal right. We are free to do with it what we choose. I have had lyrics confiscated from me. The guards said it was "gang related" even though I have no hang affiliation. The people who brought in books and food came from population and didn't get searched well. We would construct "fish lines" out of sheets and combs to pass items from cell to cell. Drugs would be brought in via mail, visitation or crudade COs. I've seen plenty of people lose it. We had the whole cell block sprayed with made because of people shutting on their food trays and throwing it at the COs. and there was this on black kid from California in the cell next to mine who used to bang on the walls and rap Master P lyrics all night. I hate him and wish he would get asshole cancer to this day.
Having experienced solitary confinement, do you think it's an acceptable form of punishment? I think it was a really severe punishment for what I got wrote up for. If I had raped or stabbed another inmate it would be the perfect punishment.
What would you think was an acceptable punishment in that situation? Remove me from that dorm and the people I was conspiring with and monitor my actions more closely.
What did you do? Ive already answered this twice, but I'll answer again! I had a small network of people that would have our people on the streets mail us curshed up oxycontin in between two glued together post cards. I'm not normally a big drug user but the rules inside are different. I was caught with two of my boys sniffing pills in the corner of the bathroom we would go to shoot craps. when i refused to break people off they told on me. I came back to the dorm from GED class one day and the search team was at my cell with the K9s and everything. I strolled up super cocky because I knew i didnt have any more dope and asked "you find what you lookin for?" the only thing they could get me for was I had too many pieces of mail (there's a limit due to a "fire hazard" and any property against the rules is "contraband") and I had some score sheets from card games and football pools. so they gave me 60 days in the hole.
So... Basically you think you shouldn't be punished for breaking the rules? I disagree with those rules
SIXTY DAYS?!!? damn how long did that feel like? Those two months felt longer than all my time locked up put together.
That's so pathetic. I hate shitty law enforcement. They didn't bust you like they hoped so they put you in on some bullshit. People rape and fight all day but you get stuck in there for mail. Well they knew I was smuggling in dope, so they were looking for a reason
Can you explain what ''the hole'' is exactly? Solitary confinement. sometimes you'll have a cell mate. you're basically just stuck in a small cell 24/7 for a pre determined amound of time depending on the nature and degree of your transgression
Man, it seems like being stuck in a small cell with another inmate 24/7 would be even worse than being alone. Which was better for you? Or rather, which sucked less? I liked being alone better. Anytime I got stuck with a cell Mate we hated eachother and things didn't last long
Thanks for the reply. That's what I figured. And just one more question if you have the time; how would you get to get rid of the other cell mate you got stuck with? Could you request just to be left alone? Thanks again for answering and for doing this AMA. Good luck with everything! There's a few ways to get rid of a problem cell mate. You can "put them on the door" and force them to leave under the threat of violence. Or you can ask the guards to make a move. If that fails, you fill out a piece of paper saying "I am in fear for my life" and make an officer sign it. By law that officer has to make one of you move out, or else if something happens they are liable. It's kind of a bitch way to go out, but it works.
You would have to tell him he's either leaving or fighting. Or you tell the guards you're in fear for your life.
"put them on the door" - slam them on the door and wait for hte guards to hear you beating them? Shiiit. No, it means kick them out.
Did you use the drugs you sold? Did you ever have to use the firearm? How were you arrested? I made the most money selling coke and crack. I never smoked crack in my life. I've tried coke, I didnt like it. I dont like sniffing things. I've also tried oxys and heroin which I also sold at one point. But no, I wasn't one to get high on my own supply.I am an ent for life though. I have had to use my gun a few times, but thankfully I never killed anyone. the arrest story will take a minute and I'm about to run to the store. Please hold...
Ok my arrest story. I went to my aunts house one morning to collect a debt from her boyfriend. he used to shoot up coke and i would front him a gram or an 8 ball sometimes because he had a good job and i felt i could trust him. we got into an arguement because he wouldnt pay. i was still a teenager at the time and pretty small. he was a big redneck who could kick my ass. so i pulled the .40 from my waist and let him know im not fucking around. my aunt gets infront of me, her ten year old daughter is crying. and i decide its in my best interest to just take the loss. im not hurting for money, its just the principal of it. so i went to my dad's house to vent. after an afternoon of matinis and tarrentino flicks he breaks out these pills and crushes them up. i had never seen anyone sniff blue powder before. it was oxycodone 30mg. i did two of them and was gone. my dealer shows up to collect his money and front me another 2 ounces of blow. we were friends so he hung out for a while and played a game of foosball. this game of foosball saved my ass. my gun kept bumping into the table so i took it off my belt and put it on top on the fridge. my mother comes home around this time and scolds my father and i for getting wasted and forgetting to pick up the kids from school. i jump in the car and drive to my little sisters high school. i crash the car outside the school and try to run when the police show up. i got my ass kicked my the lee county sheriffs and hauled off to jail. i passed out on the way, woke up in a cell. i was giving one of her friends a ride home and he had weed on him. we ended up cell mates TL;DR I got into a car accident outside my sisters high school with a couple ounces of blow on me. trafficking cocaine in a school zone.
You used heroin? Was it not extremely addicting? It was. this was a very dark period of my life. I was out on bond for a gun charge and knew a prison sentence was immanent. My cousin was shooting up and I always looked down on him for it. One day I just said "fuck it" and asked him to stick me. I closed my eyes and looked away. Then I felt the most amazing feeling ever. I was so relaxed and happy, everything was right with the world. shortly afterwards I was a full blown addict and went to robbing all the drug dealers I used to consider friends. after four months of this I was in prison. I got clean, left that town and never looked back. Heroin is the most awesome horrible thing you should never try because you'll like it too much.
So to recap, people told on you because they caught you sniffing a pill BUT you don`t like sniffing things... Perhaps your situation could of easily been avoided by not doing what you dont like. Dude I was locked up. Thats a very stressful situation and you'll look for any escape you can get. and sniffing an odorless pill is a lot faster and cleaner than smoking some strong smelling weed. I dont like burger king, but if thats my only option I'll eat it.
What was withdrawal like? Like making out with a dementor.
This message brought to you buy McDonalds MCchickens and snack wraps #Murica.
I think he probably more meant like swallowing the pill as opposed to snorting it. They came crushed up in between two post cards that had been glued together to look like one post card.
Did you say you spent an entire year in 'the hole'? What were your daily activities? How'd you stay sane? Normally when I'm in a (somewhat) similar situation, I'll just start to daydream. Passes time like crazy. Also, did you read the bible entirely? Has it affected you at all? No I was locked up for about a year that time I think. I'd have to look up my arrest and release dates to give a more approx number. I was in the hole for 60 days. I would try to sleep as much as possible. 300-1000 push ups a day, write letters to friends and family, write songs, write stories. I went a little nuts in there, but I always tried to remind myself that it can always get worse. I have close friends that are doing life sentences right now. I tried to read the bible, I just couldnt get into it. Some of the things in psalms were cool, but I never felt that spiritual feeling that christians talk about.
Life sentences for what? Murder.
You don't get a life sentence for many things...
I agree about the bible. I just can't force myself to buy that stuff. I don't think it's impossible - but I just highly doubt it. Did you come out ripped from the exercise? And did you eventually lose track of what day it was / how long you've been in there? I came out SHREDDED from the exercise. They dont feed you much, so I was only like 170lbs (I'm 5'11") but I was cut the fuck up. And we had a way of keeping track of days and time. We know what time meals are served, and the breakfast menu was the same every week. You knew what day it was by what you eat for breakfast that morning. Today is monday so breakfast is cornflakes, bread w/ jelly and a banana.
So they give you pen and paper? Did they give you anything else? Once a month you get a kit with a couple envelops, some deoderant,soap a pen and a pad of paper.
I think prison inmates would benefit from high intensity interval training with body weight exercises. I push my own weight, you can call it calisthenics
What country were you in prison? What did you do to get put in prison? What did you do to get put in solitary confinement? Florida, USA. I was a career drug dealer and always had a gun on me. I've done time for cocaine trafficking and carrying a concealed firearm. I was smuggling oxycontin into the jail and someone told on me. They didnt find any drugs when they searched me. But they wrote me up for contraband and gambling material. thats 60 days in the hole.
So how many times did you fap in there because you had nothing better to do? More times than you could ever imagine. we make these makeshift pockey pussies in there called "fifis". I named mine "Michelle" and I fucked the dog shit out that hoe every night LOL!
And there was no porn in there. the only things i had were pictures that girls i knew from the streets sent me. and I had a picture of Ashley Tisdale that I ripped from a magazine. I would pretend she was my girlfriend and I would practice spitting game to her.
This is what I have in mind when I think of it. Haha i really LOLed at that one buddy. its actually a greased up latex glove with a t shirt or a towel wrapped around it really tight. some people would even fold it into their mat. a CO caught me fucking it one time. I looked him dead in the eyes and kept going.
I was drinking and almost choked/spit it out when I read that. I can only imagine how disturbing that must have been for that CO. They're used to it.
I've never done any time but I have heard people I know talk about "fifis". I find the concept and term hilarious but I realize it would be a very prevalent thing in prison life, thank you for confirming their existance. Subscribe to my livejasmine account and ill fuck one for you on camera. LOL JUST KIDDING!
Whats more hilarious is in high school we had a girl we called fifi because "id have to be in jail to fuck that bitch". at first she thought it was a cute nickname. when she figured it out she was not amused.
Link to EWWW.
You talk about how you love your girlfriend and respect her. Did you ever think while in prison you would be on reddit telling random people about this girl you love? I didnt know what reddit was until a couple months, no. She's about five feet away from me right now. laying in bed watching netflix. jealous that I'm spending more time telling Reddit I love her than telling her herself lol.She's also a redditor and loved this AMA.But I've always longed for real love. I've had girls use me for drugs and money since 10th grade, so I have a fucked up idea of how women are. I'm still working on getting past it. luckily I have a wonderful woman who loves me and accepts me for who I am. and the feeling is mutual.
That's great. So you think she's pregnant. Are you excited? Lol netflix and a kitten. Badass. You don't sound like your going back to prison anytime soon. It's pretty likely at this point. I'm pretty nervous. My family is wealthy but I only make like 40k a year. Plus I'm kinda immature. I'm not sure if I'm ready. But I feel I work better under pressure. and unless the police decide to raid my house because they heard I was smoking a joint, I think I'll be good as far as prison goes.
Did you struggle finding work when you have a criminal record? I didn't. But most do. I had family that I had never really known that are millionaires and own a successful business in the oil field. I'm one of the rare exceptions.
I'm sure all will be well. Lol if you know she's jealous why don't you go hang out with her? Shannon thats fucked up my girlfriend would troll my AMA while she's in the same room as me LOL.
How do you explain your past to people you are getting to know, or to potential employers? Do you have children? What will you share with them about your past life? Are you ever tempted to return to you former lifestyle? My uncle owns a very successful business .He doesn't care about my past as long as I work hard. No kids, and I'm not sure how ill deal with it l. Ill cross that bridge when I come to it. And I'm tempted all the time. Whenever I'm having a bad day at work I think about how I used to make way more money for way less effort. But I remind myself, when its good its good, but when it's bad it's BAD.
I'm a teacher. What should I tell my kids? What do they need to hear from a trusted adult in a world of crime, violence, and poor decision-making? My mother is a kindergarden teacher. its a very noble profession. I had several high school teachers who would try to reach out to me. they saw I was a bright kid who loved to read but wasnt exactly a "good student". the best advice i could give a kid is; theres consequences for your actions, dont take short cuts, anything worth having is worth working for and marijuana is a gateway drug. i love it and still smoke it all the time. but i started smoking pot at 11, so i was hanging out with older guys who did drugs and didnt mind sharing with a child. i was exposed to a lot at a young age and im seriously jaded.
Well are you in Texas or Oklahoma? Just curious. Na. Appalachian area. I live about an hour from Pittsburgh
Ahh good ole Marcellus Shale. The company I work for has a few plants there and some pipelines. Yeah it's a pretty sweet job. The hours are long though.
Can you show us any of your writing? Absolutely. Most of it is rap lyrics. i'm not comfortable just posting my short stories on Reddit. But I'll kick a verse for you. I have music available online if you'd like to put a voice to it. Google Skrintz.
(please forgive my spelling, I have no education) I start shit, a walking catastrophy/ give em hell til satan yell "blashphamy"/ yeah im ballin so these bitches wanna tackle me/ crucade cops wanna cuff me and shackle me/ i keep the paper runnin like an athlete/ flow so dope you should go ahead and traffic me/ dont be mad that im ya bitch fantasy/ shawty bouncin on my dick like a trampoline/ so im beatin on that ass like a tamborine/ pussy get wet and sticky like a tangerine/ she taste the dick, say she wanna sample me/ its a stampede, hoes try and trample me/ cheatin on her man like i got the answer key/ call your girl phone, guess who gonna answer? me/ im the shit thats why these hoes pamper me/
Is that an accurate assessment of your life? Well it is pretty accurate. But I'd like to think there's more to my life than getting money and fucking bitches. I'm not a lupe fiasco or nas type of rapper. I like my music to be light and fun. At the time I wrote it, selling drugs and getting girls was my almost all I was doing with my life. If I were to rap about my life now it would be pretty boring. Who wants to hear a rap song about a guy who loves and respects his girlfriend, works a regular job and watches netflix with his kitten?
I have thousands of pages on rhymes about many different subjects if youre interested in hearing them. or perhaps youre "trolling" me lol.
Did you finish your GED? I graduated from high school in 2006 and took GED classes because I was bored. I have two high school diplomas at home.
I would like to hear raps about that. It would stand out, and I could relate to it way more. Feel so unreal, im awake in a dream/ pakistans prince, let me make you a queen/ runnin thru my mind, watch her race in the scene/ i love the way she is no replacin a thing/ good brain like she game from a good school/ pop paul franks, smoke stank by the hood pool/ dont overthink bout the things that we could lose/ g shit, shawty put me in a good mood/ and we know what we want there is no confusion/ she all in my head but its no illusion/ lay her on her back, feel them strokin movement?/ my talk game good but i show and prove it/ and she love when i show improvement/ after a long night we smoke dro and cool it/ wet as warm ice cream and she sweet as cool whip/ you know what it is baby girl, i do this.
I like this rhyme. You've got some talent, my friend. Thank you. Google Skrintz. I have music available online for free.
Do you watch Breaking Bad? What is your opinion on the show? Does it accurately show the drug trade? I LOVE BREAKING BAD! I did another AMA a few months ago under a different name where I told stories about being a drug dealer. after so many Redditors mentioned the show I started watching it. Within a few weeks I watched the first four seasons on Netflix. The dope game changes depending on where you are and what you sell. But I think breaking bad was a little over the top, or maybe I just wasn't that high up the ladder. At my peak I was dealing with about 15k in product. about a quarter kilo of coke and a pound of kush. sometimes there'd be ecstasy and oxys but the coke and weed was my bread and butter. Meth was never big in south west florida.
Link to that AMA? I deleted it. Said some things I didn't want people I know to see. And I had posted pics of myself on there. I'm a paranoid parrot sometimes.
Was there a vast difference in how you perceived prison life before and after your time "in the hole?" I imagine it would almost seem pleasant by comparison. Also, when you got out of jail, what did you do first? I had grown up around criminals so I kind of knew what to expect. I had Been to visit people in prison long before I was old enough to go there. As far as the hole. That shit sucked. I'd rather be in population. When I got out this most recent time. My mother rolled out the red carpet. I told her how much I loved reading the Harry Potter series in there. So she bought me the whole DVD set. She also got me a quarter ounce of some good weed and a bottle of hennessey. She stocked the kitchen with all the food I like and got me a new laptop and an iPod touch. I did not know what to do with myself. I smoked a blunt with my little sister and watched deathly hallows (the only HP book the prison library didn't have). I did not know what to do with myself. I kept saying "I should be doing something right now" until my sis eventually said "shut the fuck up and watch the movie" later that day there was a party, my friends took me out shopping and my best friend took me out to a club.I was freaked out at the club. Girls kept asking me "what's wrong with you? Are you ok?" I was in shock. I was so used to controlled movement and no girls. Having Half naked girls shaking their ass to rap music seemed weird to me...for about ten minutes!!!
He may have ruined it for you, but if he didn't specify other wire fans would be like, you idolized that shitbag? you done deserve what you gots. I was a young kid who thought that shit was cool. I don't think it's your place to tell me what I deserve. Thanks for reading
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